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8 yr old son with murmer? Please answer my question.?
hi all my son who is 8 and a half yrs old was born with a heart murmer. He attended our local outpatients clinic once a yr to be checked until he was 4. Our doctors then suggested he visit Our Lady's hospital for Sick Children to see a specialist and have tests as usually the hole in the heart (murmer) would have closed by itself but it hadn't. Anyway to make a long story short the doc's there were happy with him and said he should be fine, not to worry about it. and he was to go back for another checkup when he was 8. He hasn't been called yet. My worry is for the last 2-3 weeks every now and then he has been compaining with left sided chest pain, especially after excerising ie. running while playing. He also said that when the pain goes it feels cold inside his chest. And that he feels out of breath so soon after running. Is this something to worry about?? Sorry my Q, was so long!!!

A mumur and a hole in the a heart are not necessarily the same thing. A murmur can be caused by a valve defect, and a hole is just hole in the wall that separates the ventricles or atria of the heart. Anyways... you need to have him looked at by a pediatric cardiologist as soon as possible. Yes, it's true that most heart problems in children are not serious, but sometimes as they grow, the heart defect can give them problems. Chest pain in the heart occurs when the tissue doesn't get enough oxygen (which it extracts from the blood supply). The shortness of breath is caused because blood isn't getting to lungs properly, so it can't be oxygenated. The body, trying to correct this, breaths harder and heavier (shortness of breath) in an effort to correct the oxygen deprived blood. Bottom line, call a pediatric cardiologist and tell them your son's history and symptoms. Guarantee you they'll get you in quick!

If anything I said was unclear, please email me. I would be happy to explain to you in further detail how the heart pumps blood, and how blood becomes oxygenated... that way you can understands your son's symptoms better.

I would also like to tell you not to freak out. I'm not a doc, and this absolutely not a diagnosis. It could be something completely unrelated to the heart, but if it is a result of your son's heart defect, the reasons I described above explain the symptoms.

ἀντί χ?ιστος
I was also born with one. They are almost always not serious.

However, the condition of chest pain can be heart problems. Take him to the hospital just in case. They will do an EKG.

Thumbs down? Educate me then miss/sir...


If he has not been called back contact the hospital ASAP and check if the doctor still works there.
If yes ask to speak to or book a consultation and tell them he needs to see someone.
If no that is why you have not been contacted, ask who you have been referred to.
I have Arthritis is one hip and when a consultation was over due I went in to the hospital to find out why, that was when I found out my consultant no longer worked there. I then asked who had I been referred to, turns out the person who should have done it was the receptionist I was talking to and she hadn't figured it out yet. I got an appointment the following week.

If you get no joy go to the extreme, send for an ambulance the next time he has chest pains. When at the hospital ask about referral to consultants.

Andy C

Rock and Roll Cowboy
Yes. Get him back to the doctor ASAP, and have him cut back on the running and to much exercise. They might have missed something before and or something new might have developed. Those conditions you mention are all heart related, and its better to be safe then sorry.

I had a heart murmer as a child and outgrew it as an adult. No problems.

My father also had a heart murmmer and outgrew his too.

Try not to worry, some of these are just "squeekers" that cause NO lasting problems or effects.

If you are concerned about the pain, call your son's doctor and ask him about it.

Do not take anyone's advice here. Your son has chest pains and is short of breath. Go to the Emergency Room immediately!

✿♡☆Happy to help☆♡✿
any heart problems should always be closely monitored.

if i were you id make an appointment with the doctor especially if he is having chest pain any chest pain should be taken seriously !!!!

and while your at the doctors tell them what you have told us and they maybe able to chase it up for you and find ut whats going on ! (in regards to the check up he hasn't yet been called for )

i hope your son gets better soon x

Obviously my first response is to get your son checked. Call them and ask why they haven't been in touch and express the concerns you have. Please do that soon for your own peace of mind.

34 years ago, a friend of mine had an operation for this very thing and her 41st birthday has just passed and she has many children! Think how medical science has improved since then!

Relax,my daughter was born with a heart murmur (valve prolapse) also,
she is now 22 years old. The murmur healed itself with age. As a youngster she too would get out of breath and have to sit to catch it.
As a teenager she played team sports -- started on the basketball team, was a state finalist shot putter.
As long as the Dr's. sa he is good to go. Let him challenge himself as he needs to learn his limits. Hopefully like my daughter he will outgrow his.

Sabrina R
i am not an exper at this and i am only 11 but i know a lot about kids and i would go get it checked out again

greg b
ive had this problem my whole life (37) years with the same symptoms and am still going strong.wouldnt worry to much,but keep up with the check ups.good luck and i wish your son the very best.

3my younger brother had a murmur in his heart..it's not a hole in the heart though??that's way more severe...it eventually healed.actually he must have been about 8 when it healed,if you are at all worried please go to your gp,don't risk anything,that's what the doctor is there for

Jay Jay
take him to the doctor asap...and see if you should be worried about him.

[email protected]
No, you need to bring him to a doctor!

irish eyes
I would call the doctor to be safe and explain what his symptoms are, it could be his heart, but it may be that he is developing asthma or something similar, either way you don't want to ignore it just to be safe.

you should probably take him to a doctor for a check up just in case something is happening, and i hope that everything is okay with him

Heart murmurs are due to abnormalities and disturbance of blood flow within the heart and vessels. Most are benign, normal variations in the structure of the heart and cause no problems. Sometimes a murmur can indicate a problem with the heart valves, it can also be caused by holes between the pumping chambers, or just by turbulence in the blood flow- which is generally not a problem.

The Doctor will do an Echo + other test and providing it's not causing any symptoms or problems and the murmur is not affecting the hearts performance then it is likely an innocent murmur and no further action needs to be taken.

As your son is experiencing symptoms it will need to be assessed whether or not it is cardiac related. If it is to do with his murmur then he will be given treatment accordingly. You'll have to wait and see what the tests reveal- try not to worry too much. Heart murmurs are very common.

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