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Katrina D
why do I wake up all the time with a really hurtful stiff neck? How do I make it go away?
All of a sudden within the past month I keep getting really bad stiff necks over night, I havent changed anything (pillow, bed) and I'm sleeping pretty comfortably, Why is this happening? What can ease the pain and make it go away?

Tiara A
try applying some pain-relief ointment so that you can get rid of the pain , also try and consult an expert so that you can know the cause of the pain if it is still not cured and is paining excruciatingly

take a warm bath to relax your muscles b/f bed. and maybe try getting a new pillow.

hi there i will suggest you to lower the level of your pillows or if your pillow is really thin then try to sleep without pillow it will help you a lot....

Brandon Z
Try a new pillow and don't sit on chairs too much.

Based on my experience, I had the same symptom as you before not long ago. For many days I had this stiff neck that I couldn't turn my head sideways, I had to turn the whole body. I was acting like a human robot. Then one night a friend came to my house and asked where was I, my wife said that I had a stiff neck and was laying on the bed. This friend just remarked to my wife that I might have gout. This very remark struck me, since I have high uric acid level it is not surprising that I was actually suffering from gout attack on my neck! So I took gout medication and in a day or two, totally relieved of the pain. So don't be mistakenly thought that gout only attack you feet, fingers, for it can attack anywhere. Usually people blame the stiff neck onto the pillow, even try to dry the pillow under the sun quoting wetness of the pillow, etc. For the real reason may well be gout attack. Go and see a doctor or have you uric acid level testing.

A lot of people might say it is a bad pillow, but it more than likely might be a bad mattress. You need a mattress that is firm enough to keep your spinal cord straight when sleeping, usually a harder mattress is better for you neck.
Or perhaps you have been physically hurting your neck during the day? Any heavy lifting or different activity lately?

It could be your pillows or your mattress.

Steve R
If it is just at night, you are either moving around alot, your head is falling off the pillow, or you need a new pillow.

Katrina, have you been involved in any type of car accident or trauma where your neck/head was affected ? Sometimes even a mild trauma like a whiplash can have a lasting effect on your neck muscles and structures. Have you changed something at work - ie the position of your chair or maybe you are talking on the phone with your head in an awkward position for a long time? Maybe you just need to get a new pillow for sleeping so that your head and neck are in the right position at night. Maybe you are using too many pillows for your neck. One solution is to start doing some neck exercises everyday- that will decrease the stiffness and pain, increase your neck range of motion and help you sleep better at night. Hope this helps. If you want some really good neck exercises go here: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/page/993935

Dawn has a good point - a friend of mine has bruxism (grinding of teeth) at night and when they have a bad spell of it (possibly due to stress), they get a very stiff neck too.

Pillow case positioning bad

Lauren F
this happens to me too.
In my case it is caused my my excessive computer usage!
Also stress can cause it.

get a bundle of pillows :)

bruce c
get a really expensive down pillow.not feathers real goose down

If you sleep on your side then you can get neck pains, so try sleeping on your back. If you already do that then you should try and sleep on as less pillows as possible as this can cause strain on the neck. Get someone to give you a massage to get the knots out of your neck, say the doctor recommended it. Stretch regularly even do circular motions with your head.

Dawn s
Do you grind your teeth? I do and when I am stressed I do it a lot my neck gets stiff and I get headaches.

maija b
It might be because of your pillow. The pillow should be as wide as reaching your chin. If it lies under your neck and shoulders while you sleep then its incorrect and is unhealthy for your backbone and can cause a stiff neck in the morning. Also it can cause headaches. Maybe its your case?!

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