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is this serious?

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i dont know what is causing it
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my legs also ...

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my hip is killing me.. what can i do.?
i was playing football and i got hit and tripped over my own cleats and i landed on ym side and my elbox like went into my hip.. and at first it hurt a litle but about an hour later i couldnt even walk. stand sit. everything i did would make it hurt. even coughing laighing snnezing. its been about a week and nothing is better, what can i do to help my hip?? thanks..

uve already asked this and the only answer is to go to a docter with your mum or somthing

Sounds like you hurt yourself pretty good. Sorry to hear about that. Since it's been about a week, your doctor should be the person to call. And different over the counter meds work different for each individual. I use Aleve over all others because it works best for my aches and pains. And amongst the pain relievers, a heating pad will reduce pain also. Best wishes & hope you recover soon.

Jake M
Call THe Police Your Hip cannot keep you hostage slowly killing you
ITs a serious offence Murder is not the answer if the police dont come explain to your hip that killing is not the answer

go to the doctor

michelle e
you need to go to the hospital and have it X Rayed. it my need to be put back in place or something.

KATIE [anti - jonas & cyrus]
go see a doctor

Jeffrey G
As it has been a week, ice is not indicated- first check with Dr to rule out fracture/s- sounds like a corked hip- broken blood vessels & some internal bruising- if it is this, some ultrasound sessions ( eg from physio ) should help, then, hydro ( remobilising ) & stretching, as tolerated, then upgrade exercises progressively ( under supervision )...check with Dr first though... all the best

Blue Sky
A guy goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor - I broke my arm in two places."
The doctor said, "Well, then don't go into those places."

Jerry S
if a dr,s office is open go see a dr. at once. if no
dr,s office open go to nearest emergency room
of the hospital. good luck.

my hips hurt all the time if i sit for to long or stand for to long... grrrrr i know how u feel.... i use a heating pad that has this blue fabric squear thatr you get wet and it does a deep tissue ... so i use that and icy hot..... or even go and get this stuff its called blue goo... is made of emu oil!!! it works

I had a hip problem as well. Do not try and self-diagnose this one. It could be a number of problems...
a broken bone
hip dysplasia
a pulled muscle
and the list goes on and on...
There is no way for you to know for sure without seeing a doctor.

Sounds like a corked thigh type injury which is deep bruising to the muscle. In severe cases the muscle can actually be ruptured. If it's already been a week with no improvement you should see a doctor or physiotherapist. If possible apply ice to any similar type of injury in future.

Young Nelly
u should really go consult ur doctor

see a doctor

Sounds like you need to have an xray to see if you have fractured anything. You have put up with it long enough without improvement, go get help & get better Y!A needs your full attention!

Go to your doctor. Even a chiroprator will take xrays before doing any thing so a doctor of some sort is your only option.


Jj JaZz
see the doctor i for a fact dont have a degree and no one can diagnose your problem over the computer so see a doctor asap the longer u wait the worst it will get

You really need to be seen by a doctor. Go to the emergency room. you will have an ex ray. you probably cracked something but it sounds like you dislocated something.
In the mean time You need to drink water and take motrin it is an anti inflammatory. Why are you waiting for it to get better? You need treatment.

.ღ ρ я ι и c є ς ς ღ.

it could be trocanteric bursitis, or another kind of bursitis. It is an inflamation of the bursa, and can cause some seious pain. You could get a cortizone shot, or do some exercises. either way, a doctor can help.

if the pain persist go and see a doctor. there may be some internal injury. we are not doctors to help you. even the doc has to see the injury before he decides what to do. probably he has to do an xray to determine the damage. dont keep it too long you will regret it. it is your hip bone probably which will eventually even affect your simple walking and getting up from sitting position. take care and hope you will be up and about soon.

go to a doctor

Go to the doctor. You should've done that when the pain didn't stop in a couple of days. Take some over-the-counter pain med and see your doctor asap. S/he'll need to examine you and determine the extent of the injury. Apparently it's more than just a bruise.

See doctor lor

Lisa M
Go see a doctor

go and see ur Doctor... don't wait

One Love
only a doc has your answer huh

Donot ignore, consult doctor immdiately!

Get well soon and take care:)

Santosh M

see a doctor

I would suggest seeing a doctor and getting a few x-rays to view your hip problem. Maybe then can they help you by prescribing some medication for the pain.

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