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my friend is having bad abdominal pains, can anyone help?
today after we ate at a pizza buffet, she said her stomach hurt. not like food poison hurt. i assumed it was gas. i had a stabbing pain in my side about an hour after we ate, but mine was gas.i knew the feeling. but hers has continued all day long. she has taken gas pills and it has not subsided. she is worrying it might be her gall bladder. she has friends who had to have that removed and it hurt them also. but if anyone has any ideas before we goto the miserable emergency room. the pain is more to the right side, it started around the sternum and now has escalated to the whole stomach area. and it hurts her to take a deep breathe. please, any advice. we already know about going to a dr asap. i am lookin for answers from people who have experienced it. thank you.
Additional Details
sorry but her appendix have been removed already. so x that out. lol.

is it pms?
That sounds exactly like my pms cramps..

Adam A
relax and get some lax to the atives.

Alderic Beauvais

Shawn F
maybe she has a menstual cramp? try a heating pad and some midol. if that doesnt work, talk to a doctor on monday

It is very common for anyone male or female to get their appendix removed. Check your family history to see if maybe his relatives have had theirs removed. In my family one of my grandmothers, my uncle, and my mother have had theirs removed.

Mostly likely it is the same thing her friends with through. Especially if they had the same effects. Just contact her doctor for a doctor's appointment and let him examine her. Or, if the pain is too acute and time is a hassel, then go to E.R. Hope my advice works! :)

Try the following link below, it could help you out, too!

syl c.
Whenever abdominal pain strikes, it shouldn't be ignored. By heeding symptoms early, you can spot the difference between a minor problem and a medical emergency.

Here's one simple guideline: If the pain is intense, get help right away.

You should also call your doctor or get to a hospital immediately if your abdominal pain is accompanied by bloody diarrhea, bloody vomit, black stools, or a fever above 101 degrees F.

Even when it doesn't signal an emergency, abdominal pain definitely sends a message. It could be telling you to make a change in your lifestyle or to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Is she due for her period, because a heating bag/pad will ease it away.
I get stomach pains all the time, but not all women can handle pain the same way. Don't look for answers here, seek advice from an professional. For heaven sakes she's a friend not an in-law. Go with her, hold her hand and comfort her in the emergency room, but please go. It could be fatal...if she dies, u 'll feel like sh*t.

Sandra M
Well it could be alot of things but you are saying near the sternum. It could be acid reflux in which case she could take some Pepcid AC. I don't think it is her gall bladder and I say this because I had problems with my gall bladder one time and you projectile vomit when you have gall bladder problems and you have a funny taste in your mouth and your stomach hurts all at the same time. It could also be gastroenteritis. It is really best if she sees a doctor.

I had the same thing for a couple of days It is probally grease in her stomach and if she drinks a coke and birps a little the pain will ease a little and she just has to wait for the runny poop that comes after and she will be alright.

Tanner R
Sounds like appendicitis or gas... check web MD or maybe go to the emergency room.

can it be her appendix..have her to stand on her tippy toes and drop real fast onto her heels if it drops her to the floor its possible to be her appendix.but i wouldnt rule out gall bladder either.good luck at the hospital.

With me , it was appendicitis .

Ask your friend to go to the doctor now.

♥The Mrs.♥
The right side is often a sign of something wrong with her appendix. Get her to a hospital NOW. If it bursts she could die...go NOW....Better safe than sorry.

Anytime I get pains like that it's usually just digestion problems. Which have been known to last for a day or two. I wouldn't freak out just yet. Maybe she needs some fiber.

emergency room. infection. i had that last week and i got my appendix removed

Maybe appendicitis. If it persists, go to an emergency room.

the poor girl...it sounds just like the gall bladder attacks i had. I had my gall bladder out 9 years ago. it was the best thing I ever did. I was only down for a few days.

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