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today now he is really bad off and he is sorta hunched over and has alot of pain.
any ideas of what this ...

 Can i give my dog human paracetemol to ease his leg pain?
Becuase he's pulled a muscle?
poor thing


 does it hurt to throw up?

 My leg feels weird 13 years old I'm scared help?
I'm scared because sometimes I feel a sharp pain and weird feeling I'm scared please tell me it's not blood clots my cousin died of clots in the legs he was 50 I'm 13

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Ive been getting a sore pain in my left side, beside my hip bone. Its a sore pain wich sometimes feels stabbing, its not very sore but quite painful. I have no fever or havent gotten sick. I have had ...

 right knee hurts every time i run what can this be?

 Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever i swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me?
Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever i swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me? This is the 2nd day and it has gotten really bad.. Does anyone know what could this be? and should i go to ...

knee pain!! what does that mean?
my knee has been very painful it just randomly started hurting. i havnt had an trauma to it so i dont know why it hurts?? what could be wrong? maybe tumor?

i would say ice it and if it doesn't get better in a few days go to the doctor, you probably just twisted it accidentally and it had a delayed reaction.

John S
I highly doubt it's a tumor... How old are you?
My guess is that you are growing.
Stretch that leg before sleep and when you wake up, and the pain will go away.

You do not have a tumor. It could be a pulled muscle a muscle spasm it could be fluid in your knee or maybe just a bad day. If the pain continues you should go and see a doctor. Hope this helps, get better soon!

what most likely has hapend is a bone bruse witch can hur or even more likley a hairline fracture. both are a little painfull but you wont need to go to the docs. you could have a damaged tendon. i need specifics. where on the knee. how long ago. do you play sports. how much do you weigh. you need to give more details to have right answers

No tumor!!

Just a pulled muscle. no big deal.

ice for 15 minutes, no longer.

keep moving.

don't walk/stand too long.

keep elevated whenever sitting/laying.

you should be good(:

hmm do you walk allot?ive been jogging for the past week and i have a slight pain below my knee like as if it was bruised.

I doubt it's a tumor.
I just went to the doctor today for my knee. It randomly started hurting about a month ago and it only hurts when I put pressure on it. I don't know how to describe what it feels like, just that it hurts. It turns out I have inflamed tendons under my patella. Ice it and take some advil or tylenol. That's what my doctor said.
Hope your knee feels better!

Victor mullen
maybe old age or arthritis

lolo lozy
i don't know but you should go to the doctors right away

it means you have a knee pain.
no other way to explain it.

it could be you are putting to much stress on it!
also it could be caused by the weather.
or even it maybe a tumor, i doubt it.
i suggest going to the Doctor to get it checked anyways because you do not want to take your chances!

hope i helped & i wish you the very best of luck =)

no not a tumor its just your knee then cant do anything my knees are like that

Monitor the way you distribute the weight on your knees and try to use all of your legs. Shoes may also be a problem have new shoes if possible that are comfortable to walk in. I doubt its a tumor haha

probably nos a tumor. you may have hurt it in the inside (joints, etc) while sleeping in a bad position, etc. it's nothing serious! Wait for it to get better :)

growing pain or to much strain of using of it.. if you are older then maybe it is starting to wear out and maybe see a doctor..
i hope it gets better

it means your knee is injured

Polar B
cut off your knee it wont hurt

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