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 Please Help!! Does this sound like a normal bruise OR something else ?
I'm sorry, I know I already asked this, but I'm still not sure, and am in MORE pain today.
Okay so it happened yesterday morning in swim practice, i was getting out of the pool and ...

 burnt finger ???? please help !?
i just burnt my finger making brownies !
do you guys know any remedies to make it better ?...

 What's the best way to hurt someone badly?
I wanna hurt this girl really bad.. >.< Not like hitting, like with words, I wanna make her cry

Listen, i have great reasons so please do not answer me saying things like 'why ...

 im sick and i dont know what i am sick from?
For the past 5 days i have had a pain in my left side of my head and it does not hurt unless i cough or turn the wrong way... the pain is going from my head down to my shoulder and across to my right ...

 Please help about period pains
Hi thanks to all for helping. when i get my period it hurts a lot and it feels like knifes are going though my stomach! how can i stop it hurting so much? i know midol and i take that, keeping your ...

 can i take expired throat relief spray?
i have a half bottle of western family brand sore throat relief spray that expired june of this year. is it safe to take? my throat is killing me.
Additional Details
so i called ...

 my friend is having bad abdominal pains, can anyone help?
today after we ate at a pizza buffet, she said her stomach hurt. not like food poison hurt. i assumed it was gas. i had a stabbing pain in my side about an hour after we ate, but mine was gas.i knew ...

 knee pain!! what does that mean?
my knee has been very painful it just randomly started hurting. i havnt had an trauma to it so i dont know why it hurts?? what could be wrong? maybe tumor?...

 My legs hurt when I put pressure on them!!!!?
I'm 13 and my legs (knees and under) have been hurting when I put pressure on them and walk. I've been excersing everyday (Pump it up aeroburn). my legs really hurt will it get worse should ...

 why do I wake up all the time with a really hurtful stiff neck? How do I make it go away?
All of a sudden within the past month I keep getting really bad stiff necks over night, I havent changed anything (pillow, bed) and I'm sleeping pretty comfortably, Why is this happening? What ...

 Why do I have pain in my tailbone when I walk?
I've never had an injury there but lately I get this really achy pain right where my tailbone is. Anybody experience this or know what causes it?
Additional Details
I have not ...

 My throat feels like it's bleeding?
My dad is over visiting right now, and both parents smoke.
They aren't courteous at all, and just smoke inside the house.
I have been breathing in this crap for about a week now, and ...

 please please help! what is wrong with my wrist?
i am on my laptop alot. and this morning i woke up and the exact spot where you can bend and move your wrist felt like there was a giant splinter when i bent my hand back
is this serious?

 i have a question it hurts when i swallow why is that ?
i dont know what is causing it
Additional Details
my legs also ...

 why does my head hurt so bad???
i have a really bad headache and it just started once i woke up. why could this happen?...

 I am in excruciating pain from a molar tooth, top left side, how can i relieve it till appointment?
I can't take the pain any longer. I feel like taking some pliers and pulling it out myself. Not a good idea of course, but feels like I would rather pass out than to feel this much pain. CAN ANYB...

 On my Tongue there is this white thing and it hurts?
Like my tongue is all red normal color and right on the side there is one thing sticking out it almost looks like a pimple but its not a pimple its a part of the tongue that grew just bigger n white ...

 omg, I feel like I'm dying.. help?
Last Wednesday, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with strep. He prescribed me some anti-biotics and I took them till Saturday (I know, I know! I'm suppose to keep taking them even though I...

 Best remedy for a migraine?
what do you think is the best remedy for a ...

 question about throat pain?
ok, i have this really bad pain in my throat kinda at the base of my neck and a bit lower when i swallow and then also further down nearer my stomach.like when i eat or drink its a really sharp pain ...

Pretty P
i think i cut my wrist too deep, will i die?

Why the hell you cut it in the first place if you didn't INTEND to die? Don't do it in the first place and you won't have to worry about dieing.

Brianna M
get some help. please.

you won't die....yet

Vaishali P
tie a cloth..

Adan T
why in the **** do people cut t hem selves go to a nearest ER quick

most likely

Go to the hospital....and stop cutting your wrist!.

why would you do that!! If you cut it you will most certianly die. It will cause major bleeding and major clotting

make peace not war <3
how deep???? if u hit a vein just talk to your parents about it but i doubt you will die

please dont do that, talk to ur family.



stop cutting ur wrist and no u wont if u did u would be dead now so calm down and stop

James F
call 1-800-DONTCUT


for one.....you need to quit being such an emo kid!!! i mean i like emo music and everything...but is life really that hard for ya!!! and two.......you might pass out or something but you wont die!!

I doubt that you will die, but if it is bleeding in massive amounts, then you should probably go to the hospital for stitches.

Probably - the blood will mess up your keyboard, too.

your gonna die ahhhhhhhhhhhh

gιrl ιn тнe мιrror ♦
cutting is not only emotional damage but physical too.. whether u cut deep or not it should be a stop. talk about it with a trusted friend or counslor.

what vitamin e said

Yeahh stop being emo or else you'll lose everything your friends your family your pets dont answer with that "I DONT CARE ABOUT MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY" stupid crap stop CUTTING YOURSELf

Why did you do that?! You are never supposed to take your life intentionally like that. If you did and its bleeding and does not stop GET TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! I mean it. That is BAD! I hoped u learned a well-learned lesson today. :(

My love, please don't cut your wrists. Please try to talk to someone if you are having problems.

If you had, you'd be dead by now.

D.C. Loki
only if you were smart enough to remember that you "walk down the street dont cross it"

showz u for attention seeking >< o____________O

you need help go to a docters please before you hert yourself

why did you cut yourself please right me back asap

yea if you hit a vein

no, seeing as you were able to get on yahoo answers and ask this question just fine. +if you really did i think you would choose 911 instead of yahoo answers. You fail

you better move ur @ss to the hospital if you're not kiddin me.

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