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 i have a question it hurts when i swallow why is that ?
i dont know what is causing it
Additional Details
my legs also ...

 why does my head hurt so bad???
i have a really bad headache and it just started once i woke up. why could this happen?...

 I am in excruciating pain from a molar tooth, top left side, how can i relieve it till appointment?
I can't take the pain any longer. I feel like taking some pliers and pulling it out myself. Not a good idea of course, but feels like I would rather pass out than to feel this much pain. CAN ANYB...

 On my Tongue there is this white thing and it hurts?
Like my tongue is all red normal color and right on the side there is one thing sticking out it almost looks like a pimple but its not a pimple its a part of the tongue that grew just bigger n white ...

 omg, I feel like I'm dying.. help?
Last Wednesday, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with strep. He prescribed me some anti-biotics and I took them till Saturday (I know, I know! I'm suppose to keep taking them even though I...

 Best remedy for a migraine?
what do you think is the best remedy for a ...

 question about throat pain?
ok, i have this really bad pain in my throat kinda at the base of my neck and a bit lower when i swallow and then also further down nearer my stomach.like when i eat or drink its a really sharp pain ...

 where are my migraines coming from?
I have been having migraines for about a year and a half. I used to have them really bad everyday. I still haven't figured out what's wrong. I have gone to physical therapy, i'm on my ...

 I have a toothache,headache,sore throat, and ear ache.what's wrong with me?
I'm 13 and I don't know what's wrong.It's hard to swallow.And there's this bump on the back of my head.It's small though.But it hurts.So it makes my head hurt.My ear ...

 Having blood taken and scared?
I am used to getting my blood taken as i go to the hospital regular because of my condition.. however this time it is reallly freaking me out this time and i am dead scared of the needle. i am 14 and ...

 Whats wrong with me?
I recently had a cold, yesterday it started to go away, it was dead sunny yesterday, maybe hayfever, but i woke up this morning and my ears are THROBBING like hell! Things sound a little weirder, and ...

 is this a bad idea? or is it not as bad as it seems?
i really wanna try meth but im kind of skeptical about the whole thing....

 So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?
Well my side started hurting so I garbed a bottle of pain relievers and swallowed 5 of them. So now I'm reading the bottle and it says "do not exceeded 2 caplets within an 8-10 hour period&...

 What are some good stress relievers?
I'm really pissed and stressed please help me here....

 Why does my back suddenly hurt so bad?
i was at school today, and was in chemistry doing an experiment standing normally and i turned around and felt a sharp pain in my back. and it hurt to stand straight, every time i turned i could feel ...

 I got punched in the eye last night, how can I make my eye feel better?
I was playing ultamite football at youth group for my church last night and as I went to catch the football my eye got hit by someones hand. I don't have a bruise or anything but my eye is ...

 I'm a coffee drinker. When I don't drink one, I get a splitting headache. Does lack of caffeine causes this ?
I usually drink one cup in a day, but when I misses that, I get the headache in the afternoon. My friends told me that it is the lack of caffeine which does not dilate the blodd vessels in the head, ...

 My Dad And His Back Pain?
Okay so my dad 4 days ago he started having a sharpish pain in his upperback/neck...
today now he is really bad off and he is sorta hunched over and has alot of pain.
any ideas of what this ...

 Can i give my dog human paracetemol to ease his leg pain?
Becuase he's pulled a muscle?
poor thing


 does it hurt to throw up?

What's the best way to hurt someone badly?
I wanna hurt this girl really bad.. >.< Not like hitting, like with words, I wanna make her cry

Listen, i have great reasons so please do not answer me saying things like 'why would you want to hurt someone blah blah blah' thats just complete b.s, trust me i have my reasons


man.. grow up. you know what... **** you. seriously, **** you. what is your problem?

how did you know what i looked like?

Well it depends on what she did. If she broke your heart, just make sure she knows your better off without her, you could start a rumor saying shes preganant or something but that could back fire.

gina m
haha, dude, i'd do the same thing! i love yur mind!! x) well, im like related to dr.phil, no joke, i give kickass advice! half of my family are physcologists, so i hav experience :) send me a message telling me the whole story, and i'll help yu get back at her in the biggest way possible!!!!

[email protected]

omg... just if she tries to be nice to you . be like. bit*h why da fu*k you talking to . "you know your fatazz hurt meh." then just call her fat or tell her she has no curves.. but you have to do it infront of every body. trush me.. ill work

If your just like dont want to hurt her way to bad, then just say stuff bout her mom or call her fat and ugly.

But if your serious then, if she has a boyfriend say " hey yo thanks (name) for last night, that was sweeett!" or sumthing like that

girls weakness is oddly their nose so just punch her in the nose

>.< now we're talking >:D dam i love hurting people just talk **** about them and make fun of them

well i sure hope you do have a good reason
it might help if you have described the situation a bit better so i have something to work with but i think i can manage (:
so you want to hurt her eh?
make it personal. tell her things that you know about her and make them negative
do this around a lot of people. make a scene, she'd hate being embarrassed
get a bunch of your friends to pick and laugh at her when you do this
tell people around you why you are doing this so they dont empathy with her (YOU CHEATED ON ME or something like that)
rip her apart ^.^

help me with mine PLEASE

Get with her best friend. Hahahaha.

If that doesnt work, tell her she's fat. That'll do the trick.

tell people she has an std...that would make me cry.

Annonymous ... </3
Start a rumour about her.

I dont get why you people are so violent. Although I like violence, violence will not help you. Just say something that would make her cry so bad that she gos crazy then justt leaves you alone

eww look its miley cyrus hahahahaha

ƁƛƦƁƖЄ.. Official Yahoo X♥X

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