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jloxo ♥ Ho Ho Ho! ♦
Please help about period pains
Hi thanks to all for helping. when i get my period it hurts a lot and it feels like knifes are going though my stomach! how can i stop it hurting so much? i know midol and i take that, keeping your legs up and don't pick up heavy things, drinking tea, get rest, stay away from salt. but what else? and what if you have to go somewhere important ( like at a important meeting at work or school, etc.. ) but your in a lot of pain so what will help then? how to stop moodiness, pms ? oh and besides chocolate because that's all i have been been eating LOL :]. ok thank you all so much for helping, have a good day.
Additional Details
the advil makes me bleed more

Are you on birth control? I don`t know if it`s something you want to do but going on the pill makes periods way better.

As for relieving the pain have you tried taking extra strength tylenol and advil together?

you should see your doctor. you might have an ovarian cyst.

the girl =)
thank u for the advice.. =)
nd wow this is what i have
i have fainted sevral times ur legs get cold while ur body is hot i understand its an awful pain i even went to the doc.. they gave me a pill to take 2days b4 my period comes nd i take it for like 3 days. doc told me that only the pills will help not even midol helps me.. nd they said when i give birth the pains will stop... so yea oh by the way its b.cuz it takes a while for ur period to get down thats why, so yea its normal to some few girls. and we are one of them lol...oh yea the pains are familiar like when u having a baby so imagine.

xo lινє lσνє laυgн xo
I just got my period today and trust me i feel the same way. I feel a lot better now though. Use heating pads, eat fruits and vegetables, take hot baths or showers, walk around and get exercise it helps, drink tons of water, and get some rest too. Hope this helps! ^^

Javier P
Acupuncture..........see an acupuncturist to get rid of the blood stagnation, it might also help with the migranes and crabby ttitude if you have any......trust me on this i am both amassage therapist and TCM practitioner

for me tylenol works best
and maybe get on yaz the birth control
its supposed to regulate your period and reduce the pain
but it doesnt work for everyone
like it didnt work for me
but it did for my sister
and DONT eat chocolate or like fatty inhealthy foods

Julie P
what midol are you taking? if it is the one with naproxen i find that it doesnt work for me. try ibuprofen (advil) that typically works well with most people.

Sammy! ♥
here is my best remedy that helps me with the same problem. go to your fridge, grab a banana and yogurt and milk (even strawberry and chocolate!) and then you can either take a heating pad or a bag of warm water (if you do the bag, like a target bag, then like triple it up in case it breaks.) and lay down. set it on your lower abdomen and eat your yogurt and banana and let those along with midol and sit back and watch some tv. it should be gone real soon!

I have the exact same problem!! I usually just take two midol every 6 hours (when its bad), but bananas are also good for cramps!!

maddie <3
Try bananas or heat where it hurts.

[= ** natalie ** =]
Well Midol doesn't always help everybody. The way I relieve pains and try to get the moodiness and such to a lower level, I take one or two Pamprin things because it's made especially for that kind of stuff. So I would definitely suggest trying that, otherwise I'm not sure what else to tell you because you've listed everything else I would say! Haha best of luck :-)

Brittany T
well right b4 ur period take midol then take every so hours don't miss it, rest and take it easy Good luck

The Skin & Bone Diet.
You have cramps. You can naturally get rid of cramps by exercising. Just go on a brisk walk outside for 20 minutes. And you get cramps because your muscles are trying to squeeze the blood out of your uterus.

Put a hot water bottle on where you feel yours cramps, or take a hot bath. That's another natural way to get rid of cramps.

And for the moodiness, just write your feelings down in a journal.

Carson's mom
try eating a banana and some yogurt.

I know the feeling my pain goes down into my feet though :(

The pill sometimes help and I take mefenamic acid for pain.

Vitamins B6 and magnesim are said to help[ :)

Mandy C
You are correct when you say that Advil makes you bleed worse. Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Aspirin and any other over the counter pain reliever BESIDES Tylenol causes the blood to thin and causes excessive bleeding. Also try to remember the above named products take an average of 7-10 days to get out of your blood system once you take them.

Stick to heating pads, Bananas help with the cramping, get and electrolye vitamin water because it has more potassium (just like bananas) that help with the cramps, also if they are this severe and you are not on birth control, I would recommend seeing a gyn to get on a birth control like Yaz that will shorten your period to less than 4 days or something else that is used for this condition like Seasonique it gives you only a period 4 times a year so that you do not suffer this way. There are many options out there for you.

Remember if you have a heavy cycle you want to increase your protein and iron intake such as red meat or green leafy vegetables, it will help with the fatigue.

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