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ღ mrs. patrick dempseyyღ
Please Help!! Does this sound like a normal bruise OR something else ?
I'm sorry, I know I already asked this, but I'm still not sure, and am in MORE pain today.
Okay so it happened yesterday morning in swim practice, i was getting out of the pool and slipped, my shin hit the metal siding on the pool really hard. I got out slowly and my shin [where it got hit] and below was throbbing and i tryed to walk on it and i could hardly feel my foot. finally that intense pain subsided and i went to school. i could hardly walk all day on it, the pain is so bad. in swim practice i was only using one leg to kick because it hurts so bad! and i thought it was just a brusise but there appears to be no brusing, only a small cut, with a red swollen area around it. and the other strange thing is that it mostly hurts when i lift my leg. like when i am walking and let my leg up it kills, so i had to practially shuffle around all day. also laying down bothers it. I dont know if this sounds like a normal bruise and i am just overracting or if it might be something more?

today the pain is worse, throbbing when i lift it or when i walk. at practice i was trying to kick with both legs but could hardly kick with the right leg [the one i hurt]. i have a meet saturday and i am very worried. it still has not brusied and is swollen all the way around shin. what do you think? my mom won't take me to the doctor but i am really in pain and not sure if i should be walking on it or not. please give any advice you have... thanks

Additional Details
thanks for all the answers guys! but i dont have a school nurse, sorry!

You probably bruised the bone or a hairline fracture. You're fine, it'll be sore for a few days but eventually it'll go away. Try to REST!

sounds like typical horrific pain experienced after such a trauma....i'd stay off the leg - skip the meet, rest up, and if it's not better within a few days, tell your mom you need to see a doctor - if she won't take you, go to the school nurse and have her take a look at it - she'll call your mom if she thinks you should go.

kaylee M
im so sorry about that.
deffinitley, if it does not get
better by your meet, do not go,
it will only make it worse,
and no offence but but down your team,
and put down you for the pain.
its deffinitley not a bruise. i would think
that you damaged something inside your foot,
or else it is just over reacting.

go to the doctor.
tell your mom because that rele
bad that kind of pain.
it can get effected,
i no my mom would deffinitley
take me! seriousley go, it will
help, you dont no what can be happening,
just a small cut or not, you never no, go get a check up.

Natalie W
if all you have is a cut and red swollen area around it, it could be infected...you should see a doctor as soon as possible...

Sumai G
i think you should be taking rest for a while and if your mother doesnt want to take you to the doctor then ice it if dat dnt work heat either of them.try and convince your mom to take you cuz this kinda sound serious.

Deacon Y
something else

That's What She Said
Nope, it's still a bruise. It's just that color because it's right on the bone. It's just sore right now, put ice on it.

try not to move as much put a ice pack on the bruise so the swelling will go down :)) rest

try to put ice on it , it sounds like a normal burise but the pains dont if u have a school nurse go talk to her ..... best of luck bye

murtadi k
just isolate it.
try your best not to like move around.

That guy
You should see your doctor and get your shin x-rayed. One of my swim-mates also fractured her shin by accidentally slipping at the pool rail. So you should go see a doctor if the pain gets worse or better yet go right now so that the condition of your leg dosen't get worse.

go to the doctor

becca m
now i am not a doctor but if u need some advice , u proboly got a very bad bruise it is ok me + my mom get um all the time oh + u can walk on it just dont hit it agian it will make it worse

girl your on the swimming team. go to the school nurse. or havr your mom or dad take you to a doctor.don't ask these people there not doctors.

too long

It's something else. I have done pretty much the same thing.
Go get an X-Ray SOON.

Aha! I have had the same thing! I fell off of some metal bleachers and but my leg on the edge of one. A red area showed up. The mark is still there, and it has happened almost a year ago. The pain went away after awhile but it still hurt if I hit it. When I went to my doctor about it, he said that the muscle underneath of the skin was damaged. It takes a long time to heal, but I hope this helps!

Also: I hurt my right leg.

it sounds like a normal bruise to me, the pressure release sounds like what's irritating it, and that happens when I bruise my legs quite often. It doesn't sound too extreme, but if you are worried go to a doctor and they'll know

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