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 question about throat pain?
ok, i have this really bad pain in my throat kinda at the base of my neck and a bit lower when i swallow and then also further down nearer my stomach.like when i eat or drink its a really sharp pain ...

 where are my migraines coming from?
I have been having migraines for about a year and a half. I used to have them really bad everyday. I still haven't figured out what's wrong. I have gone to physical therapy, i'm on my ...

 I have a toothache,headache,sore throat, and ear ache.what's wrong with me?
I'm 13 and I don't know what's wrong.It's hard to swallow.And there's this bump on the back of my head.It's small though.But it hurts.So it makes my head hurt.My ear ...

 Having blood taken and scared?
I am used to getting my blood taken as i go to the hospital regular because of my condition.. however this time it is reallly freaking me out this time and i am dead scared of the needle. i am 14 and ...

 Whats wrong with me?
I recently had a cold, yesterday it started to go away, it was dead sunny yesterday, maybe hayfever, but i woke up this morning and my ears are THROBBING like hell! Things sound a little weirder, and ...

 is this a bad idea? or is it not as bad as it seems?
i really wanna try meth but im kind of skeptical about the whole thing....

 So I just took 5 pain relievers and I'm thinking it was stupid, how about you?
Well my side started hurting so I garbed a bottle of pain relievers and swallowed 5 of them. So now I'm reading the bottle and it says "do not exceeded 2 caplets within an 8-10 hour period&...

 What are some good stress relievers?
I'm really pissed and stressed please help me here....

 Why does my back suddenly hurt so bad?
i was at school today, and was in chemistry doing an experiment standing normally and i turned around and felt a sharp pain in my back. and it hurt to stand straight, every time i turned i could feel ...

 I got punched in the eye last night, how can I make my eye feel better?
I was playing ultamite football at youth group for my church last night and as I went to catch the football my eye got hit by someones hand. I don't have a bruise or anything but my eye is ...

 I'm a coffee drinker. When I don't drink one, I get a splitting headache. Does lack of caffeine causes this ?
I usually drink one cup in a day, but when I misses that, I get the headache in the afternoon. My friends told me that it is the lack of caffeine which does not dilate the blodd vessels in the head, ...

 My Dad And His Back Pain?
Okay so my dad 4 days ago he started having a sharpish pain in his upperback/neck...
today now he is really bad off and he is sorta hunched over and has alot of pain.
any ideas of what this ...

 Can i give my dog human paracetemol to ease his leg pain?
Becuase he's pulled a muscle?
poor thing


 does it hurt to throw up?

 My leg feels weird 13 years old I'm scared help?
I'm scared because sometimes I feel a sharp pain and weird feeling I'm scared please tell me it's not blood clots my cousin died of clots in the legs he was 50 I'm 13

 is it enough tramadol?
i've been having knee problems and today the doctor gave me tramadol for the pain 50mg. about an hour ago i took 2 of these pills as told by the doc but the pain is still the same. should i take ...

 Sore pain, sometimes stabbing. Appendix?
Ive been getting a sore pain in my left side, beside my hip bone. Its a sore pain wich sometimes feels stabbing, its not very sore but quite painful. I have no fever or havent gotten sick. I have had ...

 right knee hurts every time i run what can this be?

 Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever i swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me?
Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever i swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me? This is the 2nd day and it has gotten really bad.. Does anyone know what could this be? and should i go to ...

 What could this headaches be?
I have this very weird headaches, the only way that I can describe them is by saying that I feel as if the veins in my head hurt. Is this serious or is it a common type of headache?...

My legs hurt when I put pressure on them!!!!?
I'm 13 and my legs (knees and under) have been hurting when I put pressure on them and walk. I've been excersing everyday (Pump it up aeroburn). my legs really hurt will it get worse should i eat more calcium help!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Details
im not fat and don't be nasty im toning up maybe look in the mirror

dont be fat

Lose weight.

Cynthia L
you should probably go to the doctor to see what's going on.

not this is what happens when your in like your first day of exercising hardcore..then if you keep doing it every week your body gets use to it

Exercise is good. If you have been going pretty intense then it could just be delayed onset muscle soreness. Rest will fix that. Give it a couple of days and if it still hurts then see a doctor. I reckon you'll be fine and up for more aeroburn!

Amazingly Awesome gurl~101
Your just building muscles relax your pain should be going away in a week or so or if you continue to exsersize then it will probably hurt longer.

You may need to take a day off or so, because it sounds like you over did it. Potassium really helps for muscles while working out you can just eat a banana before your work out. I hope you are drinking alot of water too. Yes the pain will go away in time dont worry, but if it does not see your Dr.

This happens when you're that age. You grow. Besides if you excersise every day, they're bound to get a little sore. Take it easy on your body and cut your excersising to every other day.

you may just be going through a growth spurt! also, if u work out too hard... you could pull a muscle. just let ur legs rest for a while. u could also go see your doctor.

Jim Jones
go see a doctor, ask your parents. they might know.

well then doent

Maybe you should ask a doctor.

this may lead to a disease where the blood does not circulate into your legs. your veins will become harder and eventually your legs will become useless. You will look like a half used tooth paste bottle.

If your exercise regime is causing pain while you're doing it: Stop. the "No pain, no gain" theory is a bunch of hooey. Calcium isn't going to hurt you at all, and it's part of what muscles need to work, so why not?

When you're exercising, your body communicates with you, and one of those communications is pain. If you start to hurt, your body is asking you to listen and your answer should be :"Ok, I'm done for now". I'm really glad you're interested in fitness, but be careful.

Do you have someone who could help you figure this out (like a gym teacher -- you could talk privately) or do you belong to a gym where the trainers could give you some pointers?

But DON"T "feel the burn". That's for sissies.

you have SHIN SPLINTS!!! tell the doctor about it before it gets serious!

look at the source below to answer all your questions....

klc :)
Maybe if you take a break from exercising once in a while they won't hurt so much.

It sounds like you are excercising to hard and putting to much pressure on your knee joints and lower legs. Stop now or you can do further and permanent damage. Excercise is good, but moderation is the key to success and good body strength. No pain no gain is a falsehood. Give it up for a few days until all the pain is gone. Then start out slow. Make sure you walk and warm up the muscles before you start with the excercises...and when the muscles start to burn, that is time to quit. Gradually, you will build up to where you can do a lot more. Keep in mind, that your physical body is not yet completely grown. Damage you do today will stay with you for a lifetime.

Sir K
Talk to your parents first. See what they say. Then, just follow their advice. Perhaps the best idea is to see a doctor, but maybe there is a less costly remedy for the situation.

Good luck! : ( Sorry about the problem! (Hope this helped!)

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