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 Wats ur fave essential oil?

 My toe is hurting!?
I cut my toenail too deep on one end and it's a little infected. What can i do to help get it healthy again and how can i get the swelling to go down?...

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 is diabetes for real,? not just some scam.?
you eat candy, cake, yea it goes up. you eat basic beef , chicken and its normal. what is this?
Additional Details
basic should have been basically. and yes,they say i have type 2....

 Help improve 40 yard dash time.. For football.?
For football I would like to improve my 40 yard dash time. I am 14 years old and can run on average a 5.6 - 5.7 40. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks....

 Why am I always so tired & sleepy?
I'm almost 22, I'm definately not overweight (5'6", 65kgs), my diet isn't perfect, but it's much better than what it used to be (I eat takeout maybe once a month, if ...

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 what must one do to improve one's sense of smell?

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 In clinical phase what does MRI means?

 does drinking dairy products really make more phlegm when you are sick?

 Grace does increase with age, what happens to strength?
Will you tell me how strong you feel , if you are over 40? Personally i feel often drained out, but am able to work twice more than what i did earlier!
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What do you do ...

 how does marking an "x" shape with your finger nail into a mosquito bite take the itch away???

 Should I get stitches for my cut?
Earlier at work I accidentally sliced my finger on a knife. It was bleeding really badly for almost a half an hour, but after I sprayed this antiseptic stuff on it, the bleeding slowed and it started ...

 How can a person get less into physical needs and more into spiritual needs?
It must feel good to not have your body control you!
I hate the idea of how much time I waste per day eating! Not that I dont want to give my body its needs, but not to let that take more time ...

 Until what age does a person see a pediatrician?
I was in a recent car accident, (Not too serious of an accident), and the paramedics had no idea where to send me. They didn't know if they should send me to the adult section of the hospital or ...

 do you know CPR?

 I DON'T WANT A SCAR!!!! help please!!!?
i accidently got a bad cigarette burn and now it finally starting to heal but i can see scarring already..what do i do i dont want a scar there, or at least how do i make it minimal ...

 I have a bump on my head what is it?
I have a bump looks as if i got hit not red just a bump med size n when i touch it i seems to have a lil ball in there that moves around when i touch it. it is soft not hard and lasted a couple of ...

 should marijuana be used to control hyperhidrosis?

whats the best way to get rid of a stuffy nose and cold?

A doctor friend said you get over a cold in 14 days with medication and 2 weeks without. keep yourself away from people, cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, rest, and above all PRACTICE GOOD HAND-WASHING TECHNIQUES. Don't share drinking glasses or dishes or silverware.

Sudafed PE. Isle 6. Kidding, it is an ad on Tv.
Take any anti allergic OTC. Benadryl, Claritin etc. There are some which make u drowsy, so be carefull. Don't drive.

Sassy IQ 125
Zicam for nasal and cold symptoms available at your nearest pharmacy or drug store.Also Comtrex works great to.

[email protected]
absolutely take Nyquil gel caps, get a good night's sleep and tomorrow you'll be good as new! works every single time for me. hope u feel better!

Give it to someone else!

lots of vitamin C and drink plenty of fluids, especially orange juice. Get lots of rest and wear warm clothes. Relax and try to avoid stress, which can suppress the immune system. This should help quite a bit. Good Luck.

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