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 My ear hurts! whats wrong?
My ear has been irritating me lately its very itchy and seems like there is extra discharge. then I noticed on a q-tip blood.
now when I eat my ear pops and it hurts to eat! whats up with this? ...

 Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?

 How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?

 Did I break my finger or what?
Well last week, I got into a fist fight with another girl in my school. Well right after the fight pain went all through my palm and hand. I went the nurse and she just gave me ice. I can't bend ...

 i think that i'm bipolar?
for the longest time I had these problems within myself and surrounding people. I been having mood swings. I been studying bipolar disorders and I think that I got it. What do I do next? I'm 14 ...

 what is the easiest way to give up smoking?
I've heard that one should his own nails in a cigarette and smoke it, that it works in 100% of cases. but it sounds so disguating!...

 i can't help but sunburn HELP!!!?
I live in a very hot dry area. Natural selection clearly selected me for Germany but my stupid ancestors couldn't stay put. Now every time I step out my door I get burnt. I put on spf 45 and I...

 What would you rather bee or a wasp?

 What's the best way to hide carpet burns on your knees?

 My boyfriend tried to eat a beer can (actual metal) & cut his mouth open yesterday. Could he get an infection?
It was his 21st birthday so he was REALLY drunk!
He doesn't believe in going to doctors.
Additional Details
Come on guys! You haven't been that drunk before?


 I haven't had a bowel movement for three weeks, should I be worried.?
When I try to go, all that comes out is this puss-like discharge. Only about one heaping teaspoon. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?...

 ANY good remedy for an ear infection ?

 if an ant goes in one of your ears can it come out the other?
i want a pet ant, andi want it to be affectionate

 I feel like I have a splinter in the bottom of my foot, except I don't. What could it be?
When I had a friend look he said there was nothing there but a small red spot. What could it be?...

 EX-SMOKERS: Please tell me by what method you were eventually able to quit. I desperately want to stop.?

 Do you lot like me?
its bee ...

 My daughter got a piece of wood stuck on her foot. She doesn't let me take it out. What should I do?

 Please Help! Should I Go To The ER? Emergency! Please Help!?
Hello, I am 15 years old and recently I have been experiencing terrible flank pain on left side. I noticed the pain about six weeks ago when I became unable to urinate. I told doctors and they sent ...

 Should I pop my blister?
I know this sounds gross, but should i pop my blister?
Its on my finger and its a reeeeely big bubble.
Is it best to pop it, or leave it alone??
(i got it from my hair straightener, i ...

 My husband sleep the whole day till he goes to work & he sleeps for whole day during sun&satdays what d reason
My husband sleeps for whole day when he is on leave and on other days he sleeps late till 12. Actually he has the work shift of 3pm to 12 am. He also has the prblm of taking self decision why is it ...

what the f*** happened with my finger!?
basically 10 mins ago i woke up from having a nap and discovered my little finger's skin and nail had been almost ripped to bits WTF happened
Additional Details
and im typing with my index


flesh eating bacteria? seriously

Sounds like somebody was going to town in their sleep!!!


Rugby Chick!
how the hell should i know? i wasn't spooning with you. maybe a little gnome got the munchies and your finger looked like a mozzarella stick. why are you posting this question? if its bleeding---go get a band-aid! omygosh...people...
i hope you solve this turbulent mystery.



that is some good weed your smoken you want to get me some?


wow. why are you typing? go to the doctor.

You've got a lepprachaun invasion. Give him honey, you'll, be alright

you were biting yourself in your sleep.

it fell off !!!

idk you till me what happen lol i am gussing that you bit your nail at not or somthing like that or you was rolling in your sleep and you hit your bad

it could be that you where biting your finger nails in your sleep that can happen when you are undergoing lots of stress

Lol, maybe you moved around to much in your sleep. Every time I paint my nails, I wake up and the polish is completely destroyed in the morning.

My dog ate your finger thinking it was a hot dog

umm, i have no idea!
maybe you tried to eat it in your sleep.

um just go get that checked out my guess is a retarded animal and if you didn't feel that then you sleep really heavy

wow thats wierd. tell someone about it and maybe see a doctor. Do you have any animals or electrical appliances near you? that might be the cause. good luck

Jacquelyn Michelle
Edward Cullen was hungry....

Do you have a dog or something??? I would go to the doctor!!

i dont know but what ever happened you should try to fix it

I hope you feel beter

is there something sharp by your couch?

Maybe something bit you.

Do you have pets?...

Check around the area you were sleeping...

First Namewhere Y
look where you slept and what may caused it, have you got sharp nails?

M.L.E. Rabbitry
Where were you sleeping. You could have gotten it caught in something and ripped it off. That happened to my dad before.

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