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what should i do because my bf is being abused by his own parents?
they hit him. and today they cut him. he says he can defend himself and hes taking care of it. but i dont know. i wanna tell my parents about it. something has to be done. he told me not to tell anyone. but i need to protect his safety. he knows his situation better than i do.

tell her to get an atturney

How lovely...
This is serious situation, if your a true friend you get help tell a teacher,friend, your parents..whoever before it's too late!

rylan and marissa Luckey
Make an annoymous phone call to your local Child Protective Services.
He'll thank you in the end

Look..to the future...what is the best solution that is going to benefit his future....so i say tell someone. Hey at least tell your parents they might have some ideas to help...don't wait. And if he gets mad trust me he will get over it and in the end thank you ! Good luck dear.

lil' one
Tell your parents and call cps. There's not much more to say after reading the other answers

definitely tell a guidance counselor at your school, then talk your mom,(or dad, whoever u are more comfortable with) and tell them, mom/dad?, i havea friend whos boyfriend is being child abused, what should i tell her to do?... if they ask lots more questions, tell them, that is actually YOUR boyfriend, , please email me for other advice, cuz i am pretty good at it, and love helping!!!!! IM me,
that'd be great.. for and I-Pal

tell your parents .would u rather save your bf's life and hav him hate u or hav him died but still like u, it maybe a risk between your and his relationship wit u but its even more of a risk of his life if u tell no one

Here, I got these numbers offline. Whatever you do, you have to tell someone!!! The abuse could get worse; no one can assume it will just stop if you don't do anything! Your bf will thank you someday!!! This is a big step that you have to take for him because he needs your help.

The Childhelp USA National Child Abuse Hotline,
1-800-4-A-CHILD 1-800-2-A-CHILD (T.D.D.)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TDD)

oh, wow. Yeha, u should totally tell ur parents, only, don't let him know u told them and if the police show up at his house and he q.'s u, tell him it wuz destiny.

if they go as far as cutting him u shoud definitly tell your parent or some body who could help

You need to tell someone. I can understand why he doesnt want anyone to know. But its not his fault they hit him. he needs the help. one day they may beat him to a pulp and it will be to late. gl

I would tell your parents.

. . . .
Honestly, telling the police won't do much. Unless there's a whole **** load of evidence, the police don't do anything about those sort of issues, especially if your boyfriend won't tell anybody. I would do anything I could to convince him to take action on his own, but if things got so bad that you were seriously scared for his life, I guess I'd tell my parents.

tabetha k
I would tell someone about it. You might think he knows better than you about his situation..... I don't think so. I've been in that situation, my ex-step dad used to beat me daily and I never told anyone. One day a friend of mine came over while he was hitting me and she called the cops. He could have killed me many times and I'm just lucky he didn't! If you care about your boyfriend, tell someone. Even if he was your worst enemy!! No one deserves to be treated like that! At least tell your parents! It could mean life or death for him! Or them! Who knows... how does he have it under control?? He doesn't. You know how I know? Because its still happening! The only reason I say that about it being a life/death for the parents is b/c I had devised a plot to kill my step dad... but my friend found out before I got the opportunity. Luckily for me!!! This is serious! It needs to be handled swiftly!

OMG, that is child abuce! If you tell ur parents, tell somebody else too, like the poleice, his parent will get a jail sentence. TELL SOMEBODY!

Jackmac :P~

Chauncy Gardener
By all means intervene. His parents are pretty disturbed, but dont feel responsible! Id alert the school, and if all else fails try human services (just call 411). This situation is bad and its only going to get worse unless he gets help or leaves home. Id recommend that he leaves home........hes young someone will take him in!! (dont rule out some religeous organization either!)

red tails
If you truly love him tell you'ree parents if you'r parents don't do nothing tell the police.

Sounds serious enough that you should definitely tell someone or they may end up killing him...whether it be on purpose or accident. If you don't tell someone you will feel responsible if he gets hurt or killed. If it were me I would go straight to a school counselor and tell them EVERYTHING my boyfriend had told me that his parents did to him. Tell the counselor you are concerned and afraid they will kill him. Tell the counselor you do not want him or anyone else to know that you are the one that told. Don't worry you can't get in trouble and neither can your boyfriend. YOu might be saving his life if you tell.

Tell your parents or a school counselor.

Freak Train
Tell your parents. He just doesn't want to worry you; it's better to be safe than sorry. If he gets mad, tell him you did it because you care about him.

Call 911

Uh Oh,
Dont tell anyone like he asked you not to.
Just talk to him 101 ask him is there somewhere else he can go... tell him he doesnt have to live there surely he has aunts, and uncles or maybe grandparents... tell him to leave fast for these situations take a toll on his life...
his parents better watch out because abused children sometimes get angry to the point of return and he may even harm them... and two wrongs dont make a right...they'll suffer enough in the end... Just tell him he needs to move out

Tell your parents.

well if you still go to school, i would tell him to talk to a school counsoler (SP). as soon as possible too, if any abuse is going on anywhere..the longer you wait the worse it can get.

Candy Parker
Talk to him about it and tell him you cant resist but tell your parents.You should contact a social worker,you know.

I'm assuming your under 18 and so is he. You need (note: NEED, not should or could) to tell a responsible adult. This can be one or more. Start with your parents, and then a teacher, principal, or even the police. If you can't trust any of them then get in touch with you Child Welfare Agency.

Call 1-800-422-4453. That is the National Child Abuse Hotline Number.

tell ur parents. but first tell him how much u care about him and that u want the best for him.... talk to some counselor so he can get the right kind of help for his situation.

Tell your parents!!! Or call the cops. Abuse is wrong. His parents should be reported for child abuse. How old is your bf, can he leave home? He should be remove from that home immediately before it gets worse. They cut him?!!! That is crazy. I don't understand how you can hurt your own child!!!!!!!!

It takes guts from a man to admit he is being beat up. I understand that he doesn't want for you to help him in this matter for which you are the one to be protected by him. "That is what boyfriends suppose to do" Either way I sincerely believe that this ill treatment should not continue and you should talk to the local authorities. He might be mad about it yet understand that it is for the best. For that he will thank you later. If in doubt ask your parents. Make sure you have your parents approval before any legal action. You don't want to fight a mountain without the approval of your parents.

u have to tell someone. if anything ever happens to him because of this u will regret it for rest of ur life. sometimes u have to break promises for someone's safety. later he will thank u

I'vce worked for the social services so have heard alot of stories like this. If you are really worried and he is young, then you could call a confidential helpline and ask for advice.

I don't know how old you guys are, but the trouble is if he's suffered it for so long he'll see it as ok and normal, and not realise that it is wrong, also he probably loves them too much to leave no matter what they have done to him and not want to leave, it's a really sad thing to see someone you love go through this.

Try and get him away from the environment as often as possible or get him to spend time with you and your parents maybe so he knows what a home should be like and he might think more clearly.

At the ene of the day though he has to make the decision himself, all you can do is support him and wait for him to make the decision, as eventually i hope he will and he'll have to press charges or report it if that's what he chooses to do. But if you can confide in your parents then do so, at least discuss it with them because these situations can just go from bad to worse.

But even if he gets angry with you for getting involved, you could be potentially saving his life, but seriously seek advice from yr parents or a professional before you do anything, and as soon as possible.

Good Luck

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