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 Please help ................?
What is the best way to leave this world?? Please help me!! I need a way which is fast painful don't care!!
Additional Details
Don't want attention just want help....

 I really need help right now please help a man in a bad and deadly situation?
Please Im constiped right now and I need help, do not suggest eat fibers and other, please what should I do right now to evacuate ?...

 I feel like drinking up to three glasses of wine EVERY night - does that make me an alcoholic?
I want to know if it is bad to drink this much every night. I cant sleep without a glass (up to three glaases) of red wine (or something). I am not overweight, quite slender, eat a very healthy diet, ...

 What should i do for a burn?
I just burnt the back of 2 of my fingers and ir hurts really bad. Is there anything that will be like instant relief or help it heal faster?...

 I think i was bitten by a spider and now...?
about 3 weeks ago i think i got bitten by a spider. at first it was just red, about a week ago where i was bitten there was a little black dot. so today i squeezed it and pus came out and then blood. ...

 HELP!! PLEASE!!!! i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it wont come out?
i searched online that it was okay to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears
so i put a bit in my ear
AND IT WONT COME OUT! HELP please! what do i do!! is this dangerous??? How do i get ...

 Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
They were the ex-lax chocolate ones, I was stupid enough to take 4 times more than recommended, and my constipation wasn't even THAT bad (3 days).

Will it hurt a lot now? I'm ...

 How can I get a cut to heal faster?
I know not to mess with it. It is kinda long ...

 Does anyone know anything about ingrown toenails please?
I have ingrown nails on both big toes and is very painful..I am only able to wear sandals,not practical at this time of year ! I have tried the 'wisp' method but so far,no help......

 IN PAIN! bad sunburn!?
i went tanning yesterday and there was a new girl working, i usually go into a gold bed for 20 mins but she put me into platinum for 20 by accident, now im in PAIN!!!!!...i tried aloe and everything ...

 Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?

 what time do you usually go to sleep?
what time do you usually go to sleep?...

 do you like to sleep with a fan on, for the noise, & even in the winter? i do.?
imy family has always slept with a fan on to block out other noises. it is almost impossible to sleep without one. ...

 Can Mosquito bites be dangerous?
I have 63 mosquito bites all over my body.
Long story short, I was outside all night and they got all over me.
How do I stop the itching and heal them?
How long does it take for them ...

 The voices in my head tell me to go to Taco Bell and get a bean buritto, but I don't like those.?
Should I listen to the voices in my head or try to punch them out. I smack my head sometimes in hopes the voices stop but they never do....

 My son ate a spider web and Im worried because i don't know whats going to happen?

 What is the best thing to put on a sunburn?
I went to the beach yesterday with a couple friends, wore sunscreen, but got the worst sunburn. The burn on my back and arms isn't too bad, but it's really red on my face and hurts to touch....

 What is the best way to clean out the inside of your ear?
My doctor said she could see wax buildup, but did nothing about it. I always clean the outside of the ear, but I am afraid to touch the inside....

 I cut myself on my palm and it won't stop bleeding! What should I do?
I cut the top of my palm with a bread knife and it won't stop bleeding! I am freaking out!...

 My brother committed suicide a few months ago and i'm having a hard time with it right now, and i can't sleep
Any suggestions on how to deal with this?...

what should i do about my life if i'm gay and live in a country where gays are hated, beaten and even killed?
no one knows i am gay.. and people treat gays like criminals or terrorists.. they don't understand that people don't choose to be gay... it's just who i am.. i have no control over this.. i think it is a sickness which cannot be cured unfortunately.. i don't know what to do.. to tell my parents, friends? my life will be over.. they all will hate me.. to try seek asylum or immigrate to a civil country? i don't know.. live my whole life like this, hiding and acting? it's a nightmare... by the way, can i apply for a political asylum in the U.S.? if i get a citizenship in a civil country i will at least be able to escape prosecutions and be able to tell everyone who i am... i don't know... i feel so lonely.. maybe i just should kill myself and all problems will be resolved...

I think the only option for you is to move away from there,and come to the U.S and be who you are.Write your family a letter and mail it after you leave.The U.S is very supportive of gays. You would be able to stop living a lie. don't give up, killing yourself won't fix anything. I would think your friends and family would rather deal with there homophobia than a dead loved one who didn't even try to reach out. Good luck

just get with a female at least once and experience the greatness of that then see if your still gay. If ya are then yeah you should prolly move.

Britain is very Gay friendly. Check it out.

DONT TELL PEOPLE! ecspecially the friggin internet if ur that afaid

dont kill yourself, that is not the answer! you need to leave everything behind and start afresh in a place where people are tolerant and not biggotted. good luck!

Move to San Francisco


I Don't know what country you're in, but America seems more accepting of the gay community. Of course, some people are not.

I am ur blue sky

Don't come to the US

Don't kill yourself! I didn't know that this much close mindness still existed anywhere. But you do have options. Leave where you are, and don.t look back. But, I do not believe that you can apply for political asylum just because your gay.

Move dude. I doubt they will give you asylum but there are groups that may be willing to help you. Be careful and good luck.

Well,,,,,,,,,,,first of all Don't kill yourself!!!! That is not an Option it will cause your family shame and grief and sadness. 2nd, don't lie to yourself and say that you have no control and you have a sickness that cannot be cured.....that is a lie. You have to choose to change and to take control......as with any other addiction or un-Godly desires........ we have to fight the good fight, send the bad thoughts away when they come to our minds instead of focusing on them. Stay away from things that bring on the bad feelings or thoughts instead of indulging in them.....You can do it. And you will feel sooooo much better about yourself too. 3rd. Pray seek Gods advice....you can't go wrong with him he won't lie to you and he always has our Best interest at heart. Good luck and God Bless. Be Strong.

niffer's mom
You should find a way to move to a country where you can live your life.
I do not know whether you can apply for political asylum in the U.S., though you can apply for permanent residency by finding employment here in the U.S.
I hope you leave your country, and find happiness somewhere.
I don't know what education you have, or what skills you have, but you should absolutely be able to find work no matter what your background.
Go for it. The world is large.
Find the part of it where you belong.

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