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 Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?
Just wondering....

 I get really stressed alot and I dont know how to control it my friends give me alot of advice its not working

 How do i get glass out of my foot....iv trieed tweesers....clippers....sizzors......wat… hurts so bad?

Additional Details
tweezers...clippers....sizzors....nothin… ...

 Help... I have been stung by a bee insect while cutting grass by my garage!!!!!?
I put some neosporin on it and it still hurts. It stung me on my elbow and I cannot see the stinger. What can I do to treat this!!! And they built a hive by my garage. How can I get rid of it????

 When you have a cold and flem in your throat, what's the best way to get the flem out?

 what to do for a mosquito bite besides anti itch ointment?

 what happens if you do not eat for 3 days?
Will you faint?...

 Does it hurt when they take stitches out? How do they do it?

 do you know how to say humanities in spanish?

 i have a 2nd degree burn...what should i do?
okay so i accidently burned my leg about an hr. ago from a curling iron, its about 3 inches long.
i dont wanna see a doctor.
what should i do though??...

 dark patches of skin.... help?!?
i have dark patches of skin on my knees and toes, and strecth marks on my hip area. anybody know a good way to get rid of them? I have really dry skin, and its hard to keep it moisturized....

 i'm 28, and i'm losing hair rapidly. its become dull & dry.and won't absorb anything i apply. help!

 Help....major blood loss through cut on foot?
My best friend was in the shower and accidentally cut the bottom of her foot and it wont stop bleeding what can we do to stop the blood????????
It's been bleeding for like 30 minutes.

 how can i get water out of my ear!?

 i was just bit by a brown spider with a black rectum whut kind of spider was it should i go to the hospital?

 would being a highschool teacher be hard on your back?

 my big toe has an ingrown townail does it hurt to get it fixed?

 What can make everything you eat turn to diarhea. my bf has had it 2 weeks or more losing weight we think too?

 Who thinks that this world is becoming one big pill? What medicine do you take?
everywhere you see commercials for sleep aids or anti-depressants and these doctors are legal drug dealers. What's going on can't anyone have a simple problem without turning to a pill for ...

 How should I treat my baby's sunburn?
Hi, I have a 10 month year old baby. Today she got a sunburn on her face that looks very uncomfortable. I know your not supposed to use lotion and Im afraid Aloe will irritate her sensitive skin. D...

what is the best and quickest way to get rid of cold sores?
I have three cold sore at once. I hate them and they hurt. What is a quick effective and cheep way to get rid of them?

Enchanted Echo
Believe it or not, Ambesol. (or other brand, they all work) You know, the over the counter stuff you buy for toothaches? They even sell baby ambesol for teething infants so you shouldn't have a problem finding one in any local pharmacy. I believe you can purchase it for around $5

Ambesol ONLY WORKS when the cold sore is still in its 'Blister' stage. Once the bumps have broken open or have become dry DO NOT USE THE AMBESOL! It is not to be used on open wounds.

Sounds crazy, but it works! It dries them out in 1/4 the amount of normal time and provides instant relief to the pain! Simply apply a small amount to the fresh sore 2 - 4 a day or as you feel necessary.

IF the sores are already past the 'blister' stage and have broken open, dried, scabbed over, I would then recommend a regular lipsol or lipbalm.($1) (The stuff you use for chapped lips) (Don't use any medicated or scented ones, as they may irritate your sore. Buy REGULAR) It won't necessarily take the pain away, but it does bring some comfort and speeds up the healing process.

bebee *
pls try using acv (apple cider vinegar)
i do not know whether it helps, but is the cheapest and effective way to cure a lot of sickness and decease, and pls buy a book to read how this ACV works wonder from inside and out, you don't have to believe me, pls go online and find some answer, just search ACV....
i would really want to share this with everyone .

No matter what you hear about Abreva and all the others. The best out there is Zylactin. It also cost half the price of Abreva.

I really like Abreva. I also suggest that you take an over the counter vitamin called Lysine. It is good for them and if you go to a local Natural Foods Store, they have a vitamin section and someone there can direct you on the best path. Don't pick at them or keep them coated constantly with gunk. They need some air to hit them and the more you mess with them the more likely they will keep spreading. Hope this helps....

Susan Yarrawonga
Lysine helps.

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