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what does my child have?
He all of the sudden had a 104 degree fever and he was complaining that his foot hurt, and a little red mark the size of a penny is on his foot that hurts. He's 3 1/2

He has a trip to the ER in his near future, turn off the comp and call a DOCTOR YOU MORON!!!

If my kids have a fev of 104, I'm not sitting here asking people what to do.

104 degrees. You better take him to the hospital NOW. Yahoo answers will be here when you get back from the ER>

Quit asking questions and take that baby to the hospital! That fever is cooking his brain cells and he is going to be DEAD soon if he doesnt recieve medical attention in the immediate future!

Jenny K
Sounds like he may have got bitten or stung by something and infection has set in. Best to go to the doctor.

crystal lee
take him to the doctor

Go to a doctor. An Internet message board is not really an appropriate place to seek a diagnosis. A physical exam cannot be done properly over the Internet. It sounds like it could be a bite of some kind (maybe a spider or ant). The best thing to do is see a doctor.

Bo Beeta
take him to the doctor

He could have been bitten by a snake or a poisonous spider. The mark on his foot could be an injury that has gotten infected. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

he might have been bitten by a brown recluse or a black widow you should take him to the hospital.

the little red mark may be a tick or a bug bite.

the fever may be from lyme disease if the bite has been there for a while.

by the way, i must say u are a little stupid for asking an answer online.

GET TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to take him to the pediatrician. It is a well known fact in the medical profession that feet are a good indiactor of something serious. The fever is enough to warrant a visit to the dr.

Mommy of 1, #2 on the way!
It really sounds like a spider bite. I am allergic to spiders and the same thing happens to me. You need to go to the ER NOW. he could have a severe worse allergic reaction.

get him to a dr. asap. could be anything...

Lord Stanley
jelly fish? sting ray? where do you live

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