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my whole hand is swollen from one wasp sting. ?
It happened 2 days ago on my pinky finger. soon my pinky finger began to swell and the next day it was my pinky and the area below it. Now it's almost my whole hand from my pink almost to my wrist. I've taken benydril, what else should I do? My skin is red and hot and almost looks burnt.

Go to the ER you are have a bad allergy to the wasp sting. The longer you go without proper treatment the more likelihood of permanent damage to accrue.

Taketwoasprin C
You need to get to the ER. You have having allegic reaction, you could be dead in hours. Get to the ER asap.

ur allergic!

Loulou P
this time of the year - wasp are very funny - they eat the berries of the trees which make them seem drunks - you really need to see your doctor, it may require antibiotics and you may well be allergic to them - get some pirton, which will ease the itching, the soreness, and if it is a allergy it will also help with that, but i think you do need to seek medical advice prompt, if it is infected then the poison can spread and that is what it sounds like. so you need antibiotics,

Rusty T
Seek medical assistance!! Two days is WAY to long for you to be having that type of reaction. Looking burnt?? Seek medical assistance.............if it look/feels no better or worse within 8-12 hours, consider going to the ER.

dont worry it just an localised allergic phenomenon or reaction known as angioedema presenting like puffed up painless swelling . get a shot of cortisone 250 mg I.M if you can or else a short course of oral cortisone alongwith non sedating antihistamine like claritine or telfast or anyone available plus ibubrufen PRN and the most important thing is elevate your hand in a sling do not rub or apply creams as they are of no help. If you develop pai the an antibiotic for 5 days is also required. But i fell you will be relieved with the angioedematous swelling with above meds.

Go to the doctor!!! You are lucky you are not as allergic to them as I am!!! I got stung and passed out with in 2 minutes. Every-time I get stung it will get worse. I have to have an EPEE pen with me and info so if I get stung I can get help... But go the dr......

Hello Irl Lka, YEAH,
I bet you are alergic. I would consolt (visit) a doctor. I hope it gets better.

GOD bless you and keep you
Go in peace with the LORD,

I <3 Nick Jonas

You should be seen in the ER, because it's the weekend, and you shoudn't wait for your family physician. Why you'd ask here, and not seek medical attention is beyond me!


you could be allergic to it and having a reaction, you should maybe see your doctor if the swelling continues xx

you are allergic to wasps... be thankful its not a severe reaction or you would be dead in about 20 minutes after the sting.

now, since you ARE mildly allergic, but not severly, do NOT go to the ER... hospitals charge waaay too much. Just go to an urgent care center or your doctor.

jakes mad icy
the same thing happened to me. EXCEPT ON MY FACE! lmao. and once on my hand. i found out i was allergic and all i did was take benedryl and one day i went in my cold pool for about and hour came back up and my face was better. haha i dont think u need to go to the er just go to the doctor get an epipen and use it next time u get stung. now if u got stung on the throat then u would need to rush to the er

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