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my nose keeps bleeding everyday, can anybody give me ideas to stop it?
my nose keeps bleeding everyday, can anybody give me ideas to stop it?

if you pinch right above your nose and then lay on a bed/sofa exc. and let your head go off the edge. Hope it stops :)

might want to lay off the cocaine...

stick a tissue in your nose, dont take it out...


see a doctor!




dont take drugs go to a doctor try wearing less clothes i get nose bleeds everyday in the summer because it was too hot!

You should get a humidifier for your room and turn it on at night when you're asleep. Your nose if probably really dry.

Miss J
If you are prone to nosebleeds, check the humidity in your house, and increase it to the normal range. Keep the heat low (60-64 degrees) in your bedroom.
Keep nostrils moist. Take a shower and breathe deeply to get moisture into your nose. Then put petroleum jelly on the inside of the nose to keep it moist. A saline solution spray will also help.
Limit blood thinners. Aspirin, vitamin E, Coumadin, heparin, garlic, ginger and ginseng are blood thinners. If you must use blood thinners, inform your doctor about the nosebleeds.
Daily consumption of citrus fruit can help eliminate recurring nosebleeds. The bioflavonoids (a class of antioxidants) found in the fruit, seem to help with the prevention. Bioflavonoids help strengthen the blood vessels which makes them less likely to rupture. Take 500 mg of bioflavonoids twice a day if you do not eat several servings of fruit daily.
Avoid foods that may give you a severe allergic reaction, such as milk and wheat.
Putting a few drops of castor oil, vitamin E or zinc oxide in your nose each day will prevent recurring nosebleeds.
Avoid spicy foods and fried foods.
Don't scratch your nose very hard, especially if the inside is sensitive, or your nose is very dry.

Complement nutrient
(1) Iron supplement
If your nose tends to often bleed, you might consider to take some supplementary-iron to help the body. Iron is the main substance -- the important component of hemoglobin.
(2) supplement vitamin c
Collagen protein is necessary to maintain healthy body organization, and vitamin c is the necessary formation of collage.
(3) vitamin K
Vitamin K is necessary for normal blood clotting. It comes from alfalfa, kelp, and all the dark green vegetables.

Georgiant[whos bad]
My nose used too.
It was usually the heat of my house
I just like wet my nose with cold water for a while and then it stops
Or you could go to the doctor. =]

im frowning upside down :)
omg, mine does that too, its weird. i think its from my house heat, maybe dont use heat lol. i dunno.

go to a doctor, its some kind of blood condition
my brother had it when he was little

In addition to a humifier try a nasal saline spray or mist.

David L
Before you spend a lot of money on Doctors and try many 'cures' and remedies, try this.
Your nose bleeds are likely caused by not drinking enough water.

How are your lips? Dry and chapped or normal?
Is your bowel movements hard or soft?
What color is your urine? Dark yellow or almost clear?

Just drink more water is the answer to all of this.

I used to get up in the morning and go to school and not drink anything all day until I got home. (I hated drinking from water coolers, and bought nothing to drink for lunch.) My nose used to bleed all the time, for no reason or from just blowing my nose.

My nose use to bleed every time i sneezed, blew my nose, any physical movement that involved my nose would trigger non-stop bleeding. Finally i went to see a doctor, come to find out that i have high blood pressure, not only that... my vein was ruptured from all the bleeding, what would stop it was my blood would eventually dry up clogging to "spilling".

So I took care of my health, and the ruptured vein had to be sealed. "don't ask how" it hurt. :)

use a humidifier in your house.

Go to the doctor and get ur nose cauterized

It might happen because of your stress or you might need to sleep more!

you should go to the doctor my friend had the same thing and didn't care and on a week he died the doctor said is a disease that has a cure but youn need to take care of it fast

It could be because the air is becoming dryer as winter is turning to spring. Buy a humidifier, put it in your room, and turn it on when you sleep. This will help make the air a bit less dry.

go to the doctor and get it cauterized my friend did it and now he never gets nose bleeds when he used to get them all the time

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