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 Can a lemon heal cuts?
My broer has a small cut on his finger. He started to put lemon on it.. And he said if something sings it means its healing.. Is this true?...

 What's up with my shower water?
Ok, so first off, just to make things straight (i know some smarty is gonna say it xD) I'M NOT ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING THAT I USE WHEN I SHOWER (shampoo, body soap etc), THERE ISN'T ANYTHING IN...

 whats the best way of mosquitoes stay off of you?
whats the best way of mosquitoes staying off of you? i tried to use bug spray but it don't help me any. where i live there are to many. i need a new recipes. Thank ...

 I am getting depressed about my hair loss.can you help me?

 Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?
Please don't tell me that it won't burn at all because I have already seen evidence on my boyfriend that it can give burns....

 Can I wear my wrist brace overnight?
I sprained my wrist and I bought a wrist brace but I am curious if I can sleep in it or not I don't want to hurt the wrist even more but It hurts to do anything with it. I can't even wear ...

 So a friend of mine just swallowed a bottle cap?
Will it pass through, or should she go to the emergency room?
Additional Details
it was a smaller plastic cap, and she had it in half. so it was skinnier....

 my boyfriend has been feeling tired lately and he has asthma what can i do?

 how do you not become lame?

 My neighbor's daughter just got stung by a SCORPION today.?
What precautions can I take to make sure my 3 year old son doesn't get stung by one....

 I can't see a thing out of my nose.?
And I can't hear anything out of my eyes. What can I do?...

 Is the name Genevieve sounds good?Or beautiful?

 how to stop nausea?

 What do you think of the danger of radiation from x-rays?
I am writing a paper on people's ideas about the radiation you are exposed to because of x-rays and CT scans.
Do you think you are in danger? Do you think it's completely safe? Let'...

I tripped over and hit my head off some railings. I stood up and someone asked me if I was ok I didn't know who they were but they said we had been friends since nursery. They asked me what my ...

 how do i help my girlfriend out??
She sufferes from anxiety and depression how can i help??? where do i take her when doctors dont seem to have an answer for her???? plz help!!!...

 what is the best way to fight off a cold before i go away next week?
I'm going away on holiday next week and i feel the start of a cold coming. I want to know what is the best way to avoid it so that i can enjoy my holiday?...

 how to stop a severe nosebleed?
im like gushing and have gone through a box of cleanex what do i ...

 something's wrong with my eye?
i was palying the computer last night and i had to wipe my eye out a lot and it kept wartering up.then this morning when i woke up i had this dust like stuff sticking it together and i had to put ...

 Bloody nose lasting 7-8 hours, off and on . . .?
Two weeks ago I had sinus surgery and a septoplasty (straightening of the septum) and today, I went to have some splints removed and ever since I left I have had a bloody nose. It is not coming out ...

my g'ma is'nt felling sogood right now can someone plz help me find a cure for this bug asap?
she's been vometing since 6.and she is dizzy consantly.can't keep anything down eccept water. does any one have a remedy or suggestions?
Additional Details
and she just said her ear was hurting.could all of these simptums be caused by an inner ear infection?

you should probly take her to the doctor

plenty of fluids and get her medicial attention good luck and speedy recovery to grandma

she needs to see a MD. if she is dizzy she may be in danger of dehydration which could be deadly for an elderly person.

An ear infection might cause vertigo which could cause nausea and vomiting but still taking her to the Dr. or to the ER is still a good idea because if she has been throwing up since 6 she is probably still dehydrated.


Tomato juice is really good for an upset stomach. I used to drink it when I had a hangover and nothing else would stop me from throwing up.

given that she is probably a bit older, she should probably be taken to the emergency room. She has probably lost a lot of fluid is dehydrated from all the vomiting. Hopefully they can put her on an IV and figure out what is wrong. I think that is your and her best bet.

you might want to take her to the hospital, they'll be able to diagnose her properly.

take her to a doctor, NOW!

It could be the inner ear but I would take her to see the doctor if this keeps up. try getting her to eat some soda crackers for the nausea. Also try to get her to drink warm 7-up. to settle the tummy. I wouldn't let it go to long though Good luck and God Bless. Give her my love.and a big hug to boot.

call 911 they will send a ambulance and they will take her to the doctor and bring her back home

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