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Mariah! at the disco
my eye lid is a bit swollen?
and its very watery. whats wrong?
how can i get the swelling to go down? [its barley swollen but im worried it will get worse] it was just like that when i woke up. and i iced it for 5 minutes. what else can i do
Additional Details
iv had pink eye before, it has never been like this.. but i have some pink eye dropps, i can try using that, anyone else have a suggestion?

Me :D
IT is most likely pink eye.DON"T put ice on it though, that can freeze your eyeball and cause you to go blind or for it to fall out.

HURRY! get a steak and put it on for awhile then take the steak and cook it, then have supper. Voila', the pain and swelling are gone.

Most likely it is pink eye, but it could be something else. Frequent hand washing is crucial to prevent spreading the virus or bacteria, depending on which type you have. While there are several different kinds of pink eye, almost every case of pink eye is viral pink eye, and there is no particular treatment for it. It will get better on its own within a week or so. Check with your pharmacist for over the counter eye drops for pink eye. You need to stop wearing your contacts until the symptoms disappear, and throw those contacts away and use new ones when you start wearing them again.

Hot compresses a few times a day will help. As strange as this may sound, steep a couple of tea bags (real tea, not green tea or herbal tea), and place the moist tea bags on your eyes. The tannic acid in the tea is soothing and will make you feel better and help with the swelling. Wash your hands very often and be careful when cleaning and treated the affected eye to not spread pink eye to your other eye.

These links give more information about pink eye.

might be pink eye aka conjuctive itis. go to the doctor and they will give you eyedrops

It may also be a 'sys' (how ever you spell that) or pink eye.

Get it checked out by the doctor. Pinkeye is contageous and a sys needs medical attention.

it could be pink eye if it's on one eye, but if it's on both eyes then you might be allergic to your makeup. (obviously if your a guy, then that's not the case)

do you wear contacts? if you do take them out, place the ice pack back on there and relax your eyes, wash it out with warm soapy water (tearfree soap). it could be a cause of dry eyes, especially if you woke up with the morning stuff on it and the lids were hard to open (shield shut).

ice is the best way to get swelling down. wash it to get the germs away from your eyes.

all the best!

if it gets any worse you'll need to see a doctor!

Touch the most swollen, red spot. If it hurts, it is probably a sty. Otherwise it is a slight infection. My understanding is that these go away quickly, but best to consult an expert.

haha I had the same problem. If it's watering a lot, you probably have an eye cold. You just have to wait it out...sorry hun.

L♥VE 09
take some benadryl

Lindsay C
well my mom is a nurse and she always tells me to get a washcloth and put warm water on it and hold it on your eye.

Marilee C
probably a bug bite or a sty (most likely a sty).
A sty is a bacterial infection in a gland near your eyelid. If it starts to look like a pimple, don't pop it... not only will this be painful but can cause the bacteria to spread to other glands in your eye. Sties are usually brought on by stress (due to reduced defenses of the body) so try to relax while it heals.
Use a warm, wet, compress on your eye and that should help it feel better. If it's still there after 2 days you should see a doctor, but for me they usually take about a week to heal. Keep your hands clean as touching it can also spread the bacteria around.
If it's a bug bite (say you don't feel any pain near your eyelid or tear duct) then I think an antihistamine medicine might help a little, but it will probably go down on its own within a couple days if you leave it alone.

You might have pink eye.
If you have a lot of crust in your eye when you wake up, and during the day then I def. think it's pink eye.
Don't touch/rub your eye.
Go put some eyedrops in them and they will swell down a bit.

Il Giardino Segreto
maybe is an allergy..

Could possibly be allergies, but if it starts getting bloodshot, crusted shut, and has puss coming out of the corners, then it might be pink eye. Try some sort of allergy medication, or go in to see your doctor.

xXx pink princezz xXx
sounds like an eye infection what ever you do do not itch or rub it put some ice or a cold towel on it

you have pink eye, it should go away pretty soon, either that or you will turn into a zombie.

You might have a sty... a weird infection in your eye.

Put a warm moist washcloth or compress on it, it will help the infection drain out.

put frozen peas on it and lay down for a while. If it is still swollen tomorrow go see your doctor. It might be pink eye so be careful not to touch your eyes then touch someone else.
Feel better Soon!

thats what doctors are for...or a good health book

Criss A
you might of ate somthing you were alergic to. just wait it will go away soon, if it dosent talk to your doctor.

Gurly Gurl
maybe it's pinkeye...
i had it too...not a big deal so dont worry;

btw cute avatar! aww :-)

It happened to me, it was because of my allergies.
My eyes got real red and swollen and every time i would wake up they would be stuck together.
My mom thought it was pink eye but when I went to the doctor they said it was because of my allergies.
I solved my problem by taking allergy pills, and putting eye drops for allergy's 4 times a day.
Hope I helped!


I have no name
You might have a stye. Check out this site


Obama, the Tard
Stop rubbing it. A cold or warm compress will do. Lightly. Hard to know without seeing it firsthand.

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