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 emergency! whats an antidote for cocaine?

Additional Details
i know its suppose to be a sedative like valium but any other more effective ones!??...

 got a bee sting on my ring finger. now my whole hand is swollen wat should i do?
ps...it could have been a wasp sting....

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 Who else here is a pothead?
I smoke everyday any reasons why I shouldn't?? And don't say lung cancer cause that of course is just common sense....If you are a smoker why do you choose to be?
Additional Details<...

 Need advice ASAP. Friend has chest pains/won't go to emergency room.?
Received late night call from a friend whose daughter (about 30 years old)is experiencing chest pains almost with every beat of her heart. I said: "get the freak to the emergency room" but ...

 Treating tiny burn on finger?
Hi, I just accidentally touched the oven rack of a 500F oven and now I have a small burn about a centimeter in size on my finger. The stinging is really annoying me and I was wondering if anyone had ...

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 how to get over a hangover?

 If you put Lysol on your hands, will it work the same as hand sanitizer?

 how do i quit smoking with out wanting to killsome one?

Additional Details
thanks for the site and for you mr long you are mean you nothing about my life so dont judge ...

 I was bit by 2 mosquitos 2 days ago on my hand and its hot, red, and really swollen what do I do?
I was walking through a park two days ago and was bitten by 2 mosquitos on two different areas on my hand. Over the past 2 days my hand has been extreamly swollen, red, and hot, the swelling has ...

 What do you call people who can't smell?

 doe's this sound like a spider bite?
I recently seen a black spot on my back thinking it was maybe a pimple forming, When I go to feel it,it feels like a ball of something inside of it. When I tried popping it, just blood came out but ...

 bitten by a squirrel......really urgent!!?
i was just walking my dog and out of know where this squirrel ran upto me and bit me in the neck, im bleeding and im foaming at the mouth and everytime i try to talk i growl!!!!! my dog was bit on ...

 what problems an arise when daughter marries the son of a diabetic father?

 How do you treat insect or spider bites, especially one like a brown recluse (wolf) spider at home?
Will one of those Hydrocortizone creams that the doctor once told me to use for itching because of a bad sunburn help? It doesn't really itch, but it does burn.
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 How to clean your ears if you ran out of the ear solution they gave?
If you ran out of ear solution what do you use to keep cleaning y0our ears?

i know you can use salt in warm water but can you use that even if your ears arn't infected?...

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 Which is more hamrful to society and body, alcohol or marijuana?Why are pot laws so strict.?

 How many hours of daily sleep does a person (grown) need?

Additional Details
grown up i mean!...

my big toe has an ingrown townail does it hurt to get it fixed?

yes it does and don;t wait to long or it will hurt more later.

well my friend that got her ingrown toenial fixed said it hurts a lot and the doctors kill all your nerves in your toe.

crystal m
yeah it'll hurt my bestfriend had one it is very sore but its bearable just dont let anybody step on it

let me tell you my story about my ingrown toe.. im sure this will make your mind up real quick.. i had no ins and no money to go to the dr i had a 2yr old to take care of and was working fulltime as a nursing asst (on my feet all day) anyway my big toe was ingrown but i couldnt go to the dr so i let it go it got so bad that i had to cut the toe out of my shoe and i would have to change the wrapping on it several times a day it hurt like he** finnally i coulndt take it anymore i swear if they would have wanted to cut my whole foot off by that time i would have said ok... i borrowed money and went to this old foot dr and he looked at me and said "what the he** did you wait so long to come in here for?" i said i didnt have money and i was scared of surgery on my foot and he said "well let me tell you something you see that red line? that is infection in your blood and in another week and you wouldnt need a foot doctor you would have needed a funeral director." i had let it go for so long that it was in my blood and i had to be on antibiotics for 4 months to clear it up... never again will i do that i almost died over a stupid ingrown toenail.... moral of story get your a** to the doctor and dont worrie about if it will hurt.. because btw i have to say that it didnt hurt in fact it felt so much better when he was done it was unreal....

Yes it is uncomfortable to have it fixed but before you do go to the drug store and buy some "Outgrow". It works wonders. Good luck.

By "fixed" I'm assuming you are wondering about having the nail removed by a doctor. Have you tried soaking your foot in warm water and GENTLY lifting the corner of the affected nail and tucking a small folded piece of gauze under it - eventually the nail will grow past your skin line and won't be as bothersome. You must do this daily though.

As for having it removed - the doctor will freeze the toe first so you can't feel it - he will then remove either the entire nail or just the sides of the nails - some doctors coteries this area so the nail doesn't grow back. Since the toe has been "frozen" is doesn't hurt. When it's done the doctor will wrap the toe in gauze and tell you to soak your foot a couple of times a day either with or without the bandage on (doctor's own preference) for a week or so. During this time you might feel some mild to medium pain which can be taken care of with a mild pain killer - usually prescribed by the doctor.

In the future it's best if you learn how to properly cut your toe nails to avoid the ingrown problem. Is it worth the short term pain? Yes, because you know have a toe free of pain though granted it may not look quite as good as before.
Good Luck with this.

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