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 I think i may have a spider bite.....what can i do before i go to the doctor...????
I have a bite on the side of my hip...i think it may be a spier bite but i'm not real sure......the actual bite part is about 3/8 - 1/4 inch big and the red part is about one inch all around it.....

is my belly ring infected?
I just got my belly ring about a few months ago (3 almost 4) and It is kind of scabbing and sometimes pus comes out.How can i cure this? [Specific]

poke a hole in your head and let the pus drain from that area

use your sea salt rinse, (hot water and the salt (i use a dixie cup)and hold it on your belly button a couple minutes 2 times a day). and you can put some neosporin on it at night so it doesnt dry out. when you take a shower wash it good with an antibacterial soap(no fragrance) i used the softsoap brand and it is nice. peroxide is bad for the healing tissue. also make sure your clothes arent rubbing or pulling on it. dont touch it alot either.

The person who said to use peroxide... Don't do that! Use sea salt rinse twice a day for five minutes each. I used a shot glass for my belly button. When you're done rinsing it, dry it with a PAPER towel.

Make sure you're wearing the proper clothing for a new belly button piercing- No tight clothes, just loose, light clothing.

:) Lovely
Never apply peroxide, alcohol, or neosporin on any piercing. From what you have provided, it does not sound like you have an infection. You did not describe any redness, pain, fever, or swelling. Infection will typically have more than one sign. Belly piercings take ages to heal. They also secrete lymph for quite some time after being pierced. I believe this pus you described is indeed lymph, which is absolutely normal. Scabbing is also normal, especially with a belly button piercing. Continue cleaning your piercing twice a day with Dial soap and Bactine. Clean your piercing with the Dial soap first, then spray Bactine onto it. After a month of this, you do not have to continue using Dial soap, you can simply spray your piercing with the Bactine until scabbing has stopped. Bactine is excellent to have on hand, especially when you have piercings. Resist the urge to mess with your piercing throughout the day. Also try to cause as little irritation to your piercing as possible. As I already said, it takes a while for belly button piercings to heal. Irritation drags out the healing process. Good luck!

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