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Katrina B
if a bee stings you...?
my question is: if a bee stung you on the finger. and you didint take out the stinger could the posin go to your heart and kill u?

rochelle r
No. just rub some soap on it that will eventually take away pain and swelling

No. Bees sting you with acid, no poison. It just hurts because it burns the area in which you're stung in.

Hum diddy Dum
No man. Its like the tiniest bit of toxic stuff..
And if it was you that actually did it WHY? Or were you just curious?

no it could just make your finger swollen,

I don't think so, but you should try to remove the stinger ASAP. Hope it helps!

haha. no

That's not exactly how the venom works in beestings. It doesn't go straight to your heart.

Nor will leaving the venom sac on your skin.

When bees/wasps/yellow jackets/anything else similar stings you, they either do one of two things.
1. Stings you and as the bee tries to fly away, it's stinger's barb is stuck in the skin so it rips its body apart, ripping off the back end of the bee, leaving the stinger and venom sac with the victim.
2. The bee stings you and the stinger does not become lodged in the skin and the bee flies away.

When #1 happens, venom is continuously injected into the body.
*To answer your question, no.* When you are stung, it is actually an immune system response, not a cardiac response. A bee sting has little to nothing to directly do with your heart.

For treatment, the stinger must be removed as fast as possible without regard to how it's removed.
Soap or other methods in attempts to neutralize the "acids" may have little to no effect, because the Apitoxin (venom) is already deep into the skin, the soap will just be on the surface of the skin having no effect whatsoever.

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