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 Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
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 How can I get a cut to heal faster?
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 Does anyone know anything about ingrown toenails please?
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 IN PAIN! bad sunburn!?
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 Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?

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what time do you usually go to sleep?...

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 Can Mosquito bites be dangerous?
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How long does it take for them ...

 The voices in my head tell me to go to Taco Bell and get a bean buritto, but I don't like those.?
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 My son ate a spider web and Im worried because i don't know whats going to happen?

 What is the best thing to put on a sunburn?
I went to the beach yesterday with a couple friends, wore sunscreen, but got the worst sunburn. The burn on my back and arms isn't too bad, but it's really red on my face and hurts to touch....

 What is the best way to clean out the inside of your ear?
My doctor said she could see wax buildup, but did nothing about it. I always clean the outside of the ear, but I am afraid to touch the inside....

[email protected]
i have a pain in my legs and i can't run or walk so wat do i do?

put an ointment, and then go check with a doc

T√úRK √Ę size=
you must make massage with olive oil on them and must a good sleep.

First you didn't say if you have done anything to create this pain...if you hadn't then go the doctors!!!!!!!!!!!

see a doctor

sit down

See the doctor please. I use to have problem with my legs too. Problems came from many things. See specialist, and seek also second opinion.

You may be having leg cramps...drink pickle juice or take a really long HOT/WARM soak in the tub!!

Crawl, roll, or get a wheelchair. LOL
just kidding, sounds like a visit to the Doc is in order.

you should take 2 weeks off, then start exercising again lightly.

Most likely you have shin splints, I used to have them but it goes away after a while because as you build up muscles the pain goes away because you have more mass to handle the pain.

You have not given your age, but seems that you are a young and your problem might be due to excessive running. It seems that you are a new runner.
Our body is autoimmune. Give sufficient rest if possible and your problem will be solved naturally.
You can wrap some herbal leaves people know, by making them little warm.

go to a doctor and maybe get your walking back or justsit on the couch and watch tv for the rest of your life. your choice.

Devon L
Go out and buy yourslef a hover-round...you are probably going to be wheelchair ridden for the rest of your miserable life....HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!

You should cut them off.

jay is mad at me
go to the f'n dr!!


Another Nickname
You may have shin splints. Try alternating heat and cold compresses every 15-20 minutes and see if that will take care of the pain. Also, elevate your feet, and don't do too much walking. If the pain persists, see a dr. It may be more serious.

go to the doc.

Go to the doctor... Doctor knows best... Just make sure the doctor is licensed to practice medicine...

Go to the Dr. right now. It might be a blockage or clot!

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