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Jim J
i got bit by a black spider with a red thing on its stomach and it is swelling really bad. does anyone know wh?
it is swelling really bad. does anyone know what spider it is or what i should do?

It's probably nothing serious. I'd let it alone and see what happens.

how old are you.. don't panic. most black widow spider bites are painful but not deadly, full grown adults should be fine. i get bitten all the time working on insulation in attics in arizona.

Cullen Kid :)
the spider is swelling?
or your toe?

either way, go to the hospital. youve been bitten!

its a black widow dangerous spider, get to a hospital you could die from its poison

That would be a black widow spider, they are very poisonous and deadly. Call the medics right away and get to the hospital, the swelling could cause you to loose the limb if it swells enough.

Call 911! It might be a black WIDOW!!!

definitely go to the hospital.

Rita Rose
Call you the ambulance and then call your Mother and do it now.

that spider could have possibly been a black widow. possibly. if you can find the spider, catch it and get both it and yourself to the emergency room.

Go to the hospital!

it's a black widow spider and it is poisonous. you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to get it treated. it's not fatal, but it can be pretty serious.

Randy W
Hospital now! thats not exactly something you want to question.

Mike F
you need to get in your car and go to a hospital now. you got bit by a black widow one of the deadliest spiders around. go quik to a hospital.

Don't drive yourself call an ambulance they can get you there a lot quicker!!!!!

[: ☮ Jasmine! ☮ :]
CALL 911!

Lol I'm not kidding!

A nice guy
holy **** dude get to a ****** hostpital NOW. BLACK WIDOW SPIDER BITS ARE DEADLY.

a black widow prob go to the er right now

It may be a black widow spider. Is the stomach marking hourglass shaped? If so, please contact poison control or go to the ER. Their venom is very harmful to the human body!

your going to die! with out help.
if your telling the truth.

scott emt, nursing asst
i would go strait to the emergency room asap my son say that not good also if your feeling felling dizzy call for an ambulance but do something now!!!!!!!!

go to a hospital!

If it the spider looked like this then i would go to the hospital and fast. These spider are poisonous. Even if it isn't i would still go.


No but I suggest you drive to the hospital right now just in case it's serious

bill l
omg!!!..you got bit by a black widow!!..go get help!

This is a total joke.

Tori G
Wow you mus have had a TERRIBLE day! So far in the last hour your friend glued his butt to the wall, you got bit by a poisionus spider, and you have a pencil up your nose! You must be accident prone!

go to the hospital right now! thats a black widow. and it's a deadly spider. Trust me i know what im talking about. you better hurry.

Dr. Kunz

EDIT: Judging from your previous questions, im guessing this is a joke, please, everyone look at his questions, im not joking.

Black widow

definition: A poisonous New World spider (Latrodectus mactans), the female of which produces extremely toxic venom and has a black shiny body with red markings.


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