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 I cut my hand open..?
So for new years i was with a friend, and haha we were drinking some stuff, and we were being stupid, some how, we broke the glasses and i cut my hand open,
I've bled through ...

 what's ICU?

 You can't live without your....?
what is it?...

 i got bit by a black spider with a red thing on its stomach and it is swelling really bad. does anyone know wh?
it is swelling really bad. does anyone know what spider it is or what i should do?...

 I think my daughter swallowed a dime?
my daughter is 8.5 months old and i think she swallowed a dime and im not sure what to do. She acts fine and isn't choking. I thought i saw something shiny in her hand and when i went to get it ...

 has anyone ever heard of using super glue instead of getting stiches???

 what's the best way to care for a sunburn?

 Water in Ear, since Sunday?
I took a shower last sunday and I noticed that I got water in my ears. Now usually it would go away after an hour or two but its still in my right ear. Now its Thursday and Im worried that I might ...

 This may sound stupid.........................?
But can a person die from hiccups? If they hiccup for a long period of time will it affect their breathing?
I guess it depends on how bad the person has the hiccups and the age...
But still,...

 I did a really stupid thing at lunchtime...?
....I wear leave-in contact lenses, but had something irritating in one today and took it out to rinse it. I usually use multi purpose saline solution which you can use to rinse the lenses and put ...

 i got stung in by a bee and it swelled up alot and wont go down how do i get rid of it?

 HELP! make it stop bleeding!!!!!!!?
OOWWWWWWWW! i fucd up my finger so bad! i accedentally cut it when i was opening a can and i'ts still bleeding HELP!!!!
Additional Details
that cut i fucing deep, man!...

 Mosquito bite!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHH?
I got a mosquito bite yesterday on my hand, in between two fingers. Now its swollen and squishy and stiff and itchy and painful. What can I do to stop the immflamation?...

 HELP!!! I HAVE TO GET 6TH GRADE SHOTS!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOO SCARED!!!!!!!! HELP me please!!!!!!!!
I have to get 3 shots!!!!!!!! I also have to get a physical (whatever that is! it's sounds scary and bad!!!!!) AND my blood drawn from my finger!!!!!!!!!!! OWWWW!

I hate shots!!! They ...

 how do i make my sunburn stop hurting?
i have sunburn on my lower and upper back and it hurts really bad so how do i get rid of the hurt without using gels lik aleo or whatever it is called caz i dont have any of that stuff thx

 if i put water in my ear will it come out the other side?

 Please help. This is not a joke,What should i do/?
While making the bed just now i snapped my long nail. It is bleeding and sore. I have wrapped tissue round to stop the bleeding but i don`t know whether to cover it and hope for the best or cut off ...

 Is 5ft 10 in?
tall for a 14yr old? short? average?
Additional Details
I'm a ...

 What's the best way to soothe a nasty sunburn?
We went to a water park saturday, and I made sure to put sunscreen on the kids - but forgot about putting it on myself. So now i have a very painful sunburn. Any tips on making it feel better until ...

 how to remove ring stuck in finger?

i'm so tired and in pain , what can i do?

well you should get some rest, but what are you in pain with?

see a doc now

Drink lots of water, get at least 7 hours of sleep enough and try to eat balanced meals.
For immediate relief try a hot bath or soak in a hot tub, get a massage, get a friend to rub your shoulders and your feet. If that doesn't work- watch a funny movie! Laughter always helps you feel better.

The Angry Stick Man
Twist one up and pour up a cup of coffee

we need more details

one step closer
go 2 sleep

It's probably because your period or if it's not that you should ask your doctor.

Take some advil and go to bed

dancer chick!!!
take birth control!!

take some midol

ask chuck norris to roundhouse kick you in the face.

have a guy like me give a girl like you a massage


take a coke....

I think you should go to your doctor ... i am not exactly sure what is wrong with you because you aren't that specific but your doctor can prescribe you something for pain if your mental is messed up and your tired take vitamins and st johns wort they make you feel 110% better

well what's hurting you? Take an otc drug for two days and if you still have pain go to your doctor.

take something and go to sleep!

take a 3 hour nap. it always works. lol and if you can't get to sleep, take some tyllenol allergy. . . it will knock you right out.

get off the net and get some sleep

go on a holiday. Take your mind away from all earthly matters and try to relax. It seems that your mind is more tired than your body. Relax your mind and the body will follow suit.

Eat right, drink plenty of water, get a massage, exercise

Have a bath, take some painkillers and get to bed

Tylenol,Advil,Ibuprofen.If it's cramps take Midol.

Take two Tylenol and call me in the morning... no seriously get some rest.

Take a couple Tylenol PM and get some rest.


Male or female? Thyroid problem; low blood sugar, diabetes? Do you eat properly and exercise? If so, have a checkup with physician. Are you depressed?

Eva Mayer
Pop a pill and take a nap. OR take Nyquil and go to bed, wake up, take more Nyquil, then sleep till morning, hun.

take Tylenol for pain

Just My Opinion
Hot bath long sleep asprin not necasarily in that order.

See a doctor. That's what they're there for. To see why you are tired, depressed, or have some real cause for pain.

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