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 If the white of your eye gets punctured, how do doctors go about fixing it?

 Sunburn, Hot or cold shower?
I was once told that if you take a hot shower it will take the heat out of your sunburn. It does hurt when taking a shower, but I feel as if my sunburn goes away quicker and I don't peel as bad....

 How to get rid of sunburn overnight?
So my face is burnt on one side of my face and it hurts and looks stupid :S
is there anyway to get rid of it, or reduce it overnight?
Does drinking alot of water help ?

 IS A tetanus shot suppose to itch after you get it?
I recently got a tetanus shot And I got all the side effects it's suppose to give you,for example, fever ,loss of appetie,redness, and swelling, but it went away the next day except for the ...

 Poison ivy?
My dad has poision ivy....Does anybody know any poison ivy remedy....

 Wasp comes back for more...?
Hi i know this is a crazy question but i just had to ask it lol.

I keep getting the same wasp coming through my window i have got it in a cup and thrown it out but it still comes back. <...

 Does anyone know anything about Aspartame (the stuff in diet drinks) being bad for you?
I have been hearing alot about this lately and was wondering if anyone had any experience w/ this....

 I just swallowed a cough drop and it hurt like crazy for a while, but it stopped.. Will I choke later?
I swallowed a mid sized candy and it became lodged in my throat, but then it stopped hurting mostly and the intense pain convulsions in my throat slowed a bit. Now when I swallow it doesn't even ...

 Used a Q-tip, now ear is bleeding?
I used a Q-tip last night- it was sort of a bad make because the cotton slipped and I accidentally stuck the inside of my ear with the pointy stick part, but there was only a slight ache for a minute ...

 What's the best way to get rid of nits?
I've been doing lice treatments every 10 days and combin hair everyday and am still finding nits. It's making me and her crazy. HELP!!!!!...

 My camp friend got a bee sting yesterday...?
We used a credit card to flick the stinger out... now its swelling really bad. We're waiting for our counselor to get her to the hospital cos we think its infected... how do i treat it?????

 How do you treat a burn..............?
I got burnt and it hurts please some one ...

 i just accidently cut my finger off?
what should i do?...

 Do you think you will enjoy your 'golden years,' or will they be the 'rusty' years?

 What should I do? I cannot see the splinter but I know it is there. I don't even see a puncture mark.?
I fell into some barberry bushes last night. I had thorns embedded in my hands and my arm. I thought that I had gotten everything out this morning but during the day my forearm started bothering me ...

 does anybody know how to soothe a sunburn?
i have a really bad peeling sunburn on my back, chest, and neck. i have this stuff from melalueca, but it really isnt ...

 What's the best way to get rid of a bad headache?

 Last night my wife woke me because I was hyperventilating in my sleep ?
Is this something I should be concerned about or is it considered normal. Apparently I was having a nightmare, I get them quite abit.
Additional Details
I dont smoke but I always feel ...

 My mums finger is swollen, and her ring is stuck?
She got her fingers stuck in a door, and on her ring finger its all swollen and her ring is stuck, its going blue, and its all bruised.
Is there anything she could used to help het the ring off?<...

 cheek bite serious??
its been 2 nights now that i bite the inside of my cheek in my sleep....why? i dont know. and when i wake up my cheek is in pain and got a lil blister... does anyone know what has caused this? or ...

puddles kid
i'd like to quit smoking...i know different things work for different people?
i'd like to hear some different ideas and see if they help me out. i'm having a heck of a time quitting! thanx for any and all your help!!!

Don't worrie my dad had that, just go and ask the doctor!!
(by the way my dad didn't really have that)!!

I asked the doctor to prescribe Wellbutuen for me.
I set a quit date for two weeks later and then started taking the med. when my stop date arrived I didn't smoke. It seemed easy I was proud of myself and enjoyed being a non-smoker.

Three months later I decided to smoke with a friend during a work break. Well it got me started back. It was never easy again after that.

I struggled for thee next year(still taking the med) to stop again. I would stop for a month then three weeks then three days.

This time the last one was Dec 9th. It has not been as easy as the first time but I am determined.

DON'T GIVE UP!!! Keep trying..The failed times are practice.

Keep hard candy around. (I had sores in my mouth from so much candy)

I have now been able to stop taking the med and I am smoke free.

I never realized how much cigarettes stink.
I am saving some money

keep trying...good luck.

I stopped 3 weeks ago. Cold turkey at that.
My suggestion is walk around couple of times a day. get alto of sugarless gum. and find someone who needs to quit to, so you can do it together. Good luck!!!!

dont quit its a trick.

Jody SweetG
cold turkey. have sunflower seeds ready. pay attention to when you are craving. is there high stress or any stress. is there anxiety? is it a time you usually smoke? eg: with coffee in the morning, change your habits. have a coffee on the deck in the morning if you can. or when ever you smoke. do something different at that time. start exercising more. will get your lungs back into shape and be a good diversion for your mind when you are craving. drink lots of water. drink some water when you are feeling agitated from the withdrawal

I tried a few times before I finally quit. The method that finally worked for me was slowly weaning myself. I cut down to 5 cigarettes a day and then went from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 over the course of a month. It's been over two years now since I quit.

Oh, and I know several people who have quit successfully using Zyban.

i tied the patch but I couldn't keep it lit...

then I just quit cold turkey...

u can do it, just put ur mind to it

People I know have quit with the "patch", here is a good website with many options and discussion

Just wash your walls once after about a year that will help you with the idea to quit I also liked the answer by varakei, makes some sense. I sure wish you luck, I haven't had much luck at it, but who knows with time you just never know what can be done. One habit broken, then another. You know how it works. One step at a time I guess. Good Luck to you....Just dont do it right before the end of April baddddd timing

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