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acg ;)
how would i remove a splinter from my nephew's foot?
i tried using a tweezer but it ain't working
is there something i can put on it to make come out a bit?
any suggestions?

Shawn F. Jacobson
Have you tried a wood magnet?

Charlottee ♥
A safety pin.. thats just no way..
you can use a pair of tweezers..

I use a needle to break the skin around it and loosen it up, then I get tweezers to get them out. I also heard of people cutting a piece of potato off and laying it on the splinter and it would eventually get stuck in the potato. Don't know if that works though, never tried.

Chain Saw

Use some tape (duct tape) and lay it across the splinter. Rapidly pull the tape off the splinter should come with it. If not, you will have to use a sterile needle to pull the skin away from the splinter it. Once you get the skin pulled away from the splinter use your tweezers(or try the tape again) Make sure you clean the site well after you get the splinter out. Maybe keep it covered for a day then give it some air

bang bang
safety pin dipped in dettol + tweezers.
if its deep take him to the doc ensure pin is not rusted

There are some surgical needles, they have green handles, and have a slight curve at the end, which is handy to hooking things out.

Also, go to your nearest pharmacy and buy some 'drawing cream'. This will bring the splinter up to the surface, just break into the first layer of skin, adn use the needle to get it out,if he is quite young, I know it doesnt hurt, I always use this method.

Tweezers really arent the best option, frome xperience, they are too big and cant quite grasp the wood, and the digging at it is also reall rather painful...

Good Luck and hope he feels better ♥

You can try a peace of tape, good tape!! It might adhere to the end and when taken off the sliver comes with. It will also tickle his foot causing no pain but laughter!
All I can think of at the time that wont hurt him, is he old enough to do it himself? It wont hurt so bad if he does it himself and give him prays when he gets it out.

Mark Jasko...just4fuunn
If he will let you, try to use a needle to pull it out. Kids can be hard. It will not hurt to much. Or you just might have to take him to the Doc.

moses f
yep. use a safety pin or a straight pin to looden the skin around the splinter. then you can also use a pair of tweezers and pull it out.

you could use what ever you use to pluck you eyebrows out ,

Danny R
Put a poultice on to draw it out a bit.

l0VE YOU :xx
sewing needle. finger nails. then try the tweezers again.

Chris H
if tweezers and a needle aren't doing it, try soaking his foot in warm water for a few minutes. it softens the tissue and raises it to the surface a little.

One Day
Nothing will help it come out......I would get some finger nail clippers and cut back some of the skin to help pull it out with tweezers. Thats what I had to do with my 8 year old cousin....only he had to cut his skin, wouldnt let me do it.

C'est Moi
Soak his foot in warm water to soften the skin, then use a safety pin or a needle to remove the splinter.

PTAM W/Smoof
safety pin or a sewing needle

Miss Honesty
soak his foot in hot water for 15 minutes. it will soften up the skin and will come closer to the surface. it might even come out a little bit on its own. then squeeze it out. if it is deep beneath then use a safety pin. but you have to soak it first-otherwise youll be stabbing hard skin!!


strangalating sammy
Soak his foot in warm water for a while first. Maybe put some epsom salt in the water, if you have any. Then drizzle a little olive oil on his foot to make it smoother, and use the tweezers to gently pull it out.

tweezers work really well.. maybe you're not doing it right
try a safety pin too
good luck!

John M
I can't believe all the needle/pin suggestions that left out the most important part! Sterilize the needle first, by passing it over a flame several times, and letting it cool without touching anything that could be contaminated. Also swab the area of the foot with rubbing alcohol to avoid poking surface bacteria into the hole the needle or splinter created. Depending on his age and how painful the splinter is, you can either distract him while you do this, or wait until he goes to sleep.

The least painful way to break the surface of the skin is with the sharpest needle you can find. A sewing needle is often a good choice. Try to drive the point of the needle into the splinter just below the surface of the skin, at a right angle to the angle the splinter went into the foot. Then keeping the needle at a right angle, try to use it as a handle to slide the splinter out of the wound.

Good luck!

safety pin...
break the skin above the splinter so it falls out.

safety pin or a needle

safety pin

Using Elmer's Glue
To remove a splinter, simply apply some Elmer's glue over the splinter. After the glue dries, peel it off and the splinter will often come out also. This is especially helpful on children who are frightened by tweezers and needles. Our family relies on this method of splinter removal as it is painless.

Using Scotch Tape
When you get a splinter, reach for the scotch tape before resorting to tweezers or a needle. Simply put the scotch tape over the splinter, and then pull it off. Scotch tape removes most splinters painlessly and easily.


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