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 What can cause your fingers to fall off?
Okay so, i pulled a hang nail off of my finger the other day and it was fine for a few hours,it just hurt a bit. But then it started swelling up and i assumed it would just go down but it started ...

 I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Two days ago,I got the chicken pox vaccination. Where I got the shot, it is itchy and swollen. I put Benedryll on it to stop the itching. Would you advise that I put a Baind-aid over it?...

 Does anyone know of alert bracelets for bee sting allergies?
I can find any in the US . My son is very allergic and has EpiPens. He is starting kindergarden and I want to make sure all the teachers on the play ground know....

 I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
I put salt on it right I away and it stang, then I gargled scope mouthwash and it also stang, then I kept drooling cuz having it to air out made it feel good, it hurts toeat and drink =( I feel like ...

how to treat small second-degree burn?
I was taking something out of the oven and the heel of my hand touched the wire rack which was very hot. it immediately formed a blister which burst over night and it is yellowish and wet looking now. should i apply antiseptic cream or not? should i put a bandage on it or is it better to let it breathe? trying to avoid a scar. thanks!

put some peroxide on it to clean it, if it's open. Put some neosporin or some other antibacterial ointment on it and cover it with a bandage. Check on it everyday, I'd say give it a day or 2 with the bandage.

Aloe will help heal the burn and if the blister bursts, then the safe thing to do would put a bandage over it, so it doesn't get infected and put neosporin on the burn.

Petroleum products like neosporin are never good for a second degree burn! Keep some sterile gauze taped on and wash it a couple of times a day with a mild antibacterial soap. I have heard that cling wrap works as a good cover for burns like that. You doctor will prescribe you silvadene if you go to see him or her. That stuff works like magic! It kills the pain and promotes healing.

You are better off with cold flowing water Ice can be to cold and possibly cause further tissue Injury. Do not use oil or butter or any fatty substance on the burn as this can cause the heat to stay In the wound further complicating the situation. Keep the burn very clean as burns are prone to Infection. use an antibiotic cream after the burn has cooled off and keep a loose dressing on It.

just put neosporin on it and a bandage

Put some antibiotic ointment on a bandage for first 24 hours. Leave open after to "dry" out. Are you up to date on your tetanus?

Aloe vera is good but most lotions have alcohol which wouldn't be worth it. The skin from the blister will act as its own band aid if it burst so that only the water drained out so you dont need a band aid. Some antibiotic ointment wont hurt.

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