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how to quit smoking?
having a very difficult time quitting smoking. Want to quit naturally. What are the best ways?

I did not quit smoking until I really started feeling its negative effects! For me, those were related to my appearance, as well as to my health. It is extremeley difficult to quit if you do not have a direct way to measure your improvement. Trying to quit in order to prevent lung cancer 30 years down the road is really not gonna do it for you - it just isn't enough of a tangible motivator. However, if your skin and teeth have deteriorated and if you have a cough or you find it difficult to walk without getting short of breath - BINGO - ! So ask yourself this question - what are some immediate smoking-related problems that I will relieve by quitting? This way you are sure to make some progress at first...Once you start noticing how much better, freer and cleaner you feel - that alone will be proof that you should keep going with your plan and that IT IS worth it to quit smoking.
You are probably wondering whether you should cut down gradually or quit cold turkey? Well, that really depends on your personal style. I quit by reducing the amount of cigarettes I smoked from 10 to 3-4 per day, then to only 1 ..BUT..here is the trick..the hardest reduction is from 1 to 0 - and let me tell you - WILL -POWER WILL NOT HELP HERE...When you are at this point, the only thing that will help is your ATTITUDE! If the only thing you think about all day is this one and only cigarette you will never quit. What you need is the revelation that you do not actually NEED to have this cigarette at all...How do you get this? By challenging yourself to go a couple of days without this cigarette until you SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES that you absolutely do not need to smoke it. You will fail many times..but PERSISTENCE is key! Eventually it will really sink in for you - I promise! You will look back on your past nasty habits and you won't be able to believe that you have poisoned yourself so consistently for years - it will seem like a bad dream. Only then, will you be able to have an occasional cigarette WITHOUT the danger of relapsing. And yes, I believe that smoking every once in awhile is ok, as long as you have gone through the painful process of quitting successfuly!

Good Luck!

the best solution, based on my experience (smoked for more than 20 years), is to have a good will power to kick the habit. chewing gum might aid the process but nothing beats having that all important determination to kick the habit. without that, no amount of other solutions (eg., acupuncture, etc) you might get would work. trust me. i've been there before.

Try to remember, The second you put out your cigarette, you have become a non smoker. Keep that in mind when you are tempted to light up again. You've already quit so why ruin it? Good Luck. I know what you are going through!

Chef April
Drinking plenty of water has been proven to flush out your system and clear or cleanse (sp) your body of toxins.

Take some advice given already and muster up a boat load of will power. Nike said it best JUST DO IT!

Then drink; scientificly now, the formula is, take your weight divide it by 2 (then that number in OUNCES is the amount of water you want to consume, each day for a week straight) along with a good absorption type of muti-vitm. 2X's a day.

It's working for me Day-8 no craving

I agree, you don't need anything but willpower to quit. That is how I quit, I just quit. You have to make the decision that you really want to, no excuses, just do it.
Here are the negatives to smoking to remember:
1. You could get cancer
2. You smell
3. Your clothes smell
4. Your car smells
5. One cig. stays in your lungs up to 7days
6. You get winded fast
8. Heart attack waiting to happen
9. Possible stroke waiting to happen
10. Teeth turning yellow
11. Breath smells

I hope you are successful

I had to change my routine. Smoking is not only addictive but also habitual. So I found that I did better when I changed the routine things I did when I would normally light up.
If you waiver, before you light up stop and look at the cigarette and ask yourself if you are stronger than that little cancer stick.
I won't say good luck on quitting because luck has nothin to do with it...

Forget willpower. Forget nicorettes and patches. Forget medications and pills and doctors' visits.

Just make a decision. Quit. Stick to it. Stay away from people who smoke, at least for a while.

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