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how long does it take to get stitches?

Depends on how many, if you get 8 it may take about 15- 20 minutes tops, they have to inject a local Anesthetic first and wait for that to take affect before stitching.
But having said that it depends on how much fiddling around the doctor does before, during and after.

Many factors determine the time required to place sutures. The depth / length of the wound, need for sedation, removal of dirt or foreign bodies, other structures involvment like tendons. Also depends on the experience of the suturer. One long stitch might be quicker but many interrupted sutures may take longer.

Often what takes the most time and ultimately what is most important is the wound preparation to prevent infection and to allow the wound to be closed properly.

For simple clean cuts in one layer about 1 inch long - about 15 minutes from prep to closure.

A few minutes for the stitches, a few hours waiting. (if you go to a hospital)

idk and i think you're all a bunch of sickos talkin bout stitches. Oh my i never waited more'n 2 hours for any stitches... and didn't care after the sedative began. when you can feel the needle it's been too long. LOL.

Not long, i use to put these in and it depends on the patient, the cut and numbing time. There really not hard to do, its normally the patient that slows us down.

stitches 10 minutes, waiting at hospital,8 hours

It depends on how long and deep the wound is and in what area it is.

If it is not a very long cut, then it probably won't take you very long to get them put in. If it's quite deep, it may require two or three layers and that does take longer.And if it's in a sensitive area (like the face, hands, or feet) then it takes longer too.

Generally, though, it doesn't take all that long to have them put in. I gashed my side open in 2003 and got thirteen stitches... seven inside and six outside... and I think that only took about half an hour. Of course, I'd hit my head rather severely so I don't know that that's the most accurate timekeeping ever.

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