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 how can i fix my back when my insurance wont pay for therapy?
I've been on ultram and i often have to go to the hospital bc it hurts so bad. Dr's just tell me to go to therapy but i cant because insurance wont pay for it. Are there social programs or ...

 Am i Deppressed? i mean like the physical condition?
I had a couple of days off, my son is away spending vacations at the beach with his grandpas, my boyfriend is away, and had to work, and i had a long weekend but couldn't go to see him.
I ...

 i stepped on a screw and it pierced my foot to about 1 cm, what should i do?
my foot is very tender and the cut and the area around it is turning a little purple. i have disinfected it but it was about 2 hours after it happened that i was able to. is there a major problem?...

 whats a good time to sleep if you have to wake up at 6am?

 Doctor Question?
What type of doctor would you be reffered to if you had migraines. They would do a spinal tap and a catscan but I dont remember their exact title.
Additional Details
they did a spinal ...

 What is the difference between day time sleep and night time sleep?
This about 2 weeks that I am working all over the night and sleeping in daytime, despite I have a full rest but I feel always tired and less energy do you think is it because of change of the ...

 Help with bruising and swelling??!!?
I had nose surgery Monday and the area underneath my eyes are swollen and very bruised. What can I do to make this go away asap. I put ice on it, but it sems to be getting worst. How long before ...

 I was cooking and a drop of cooking oil accidentally got into my eye.?
Bought some eye gene medicine but wanna be sure everything will be ok. What natural way can I use to get the pain to heal fast in this particular condition?...

 Are bi polar women difficult to deal with?

 Is it possible to get stiches near your throat?!?
this girl at my school is an "attention wanter" big time.. and she someone had an ipod shoved down her throat and it cut something near her uvula thing that dangles in your mouth.. dont ask ...

 How do I get several splinters out that have been in my finger tip for more than a year?

Additional Details
I don't think it is serious enough to go see a doctor....

 Is there any ways to stop my back and shoulders from peeling? (I got a sunburn)?
It hurts too and kinda sensitive too?...

 what is the best conditioner?

 How do I heal a small cut as quickly as possible?
I'm getting married on Saturday and when I was sleeping last night my cat scratched my face right below my nose. The cut isn't very big, but it's big enough to notice it. What can I ...

 What should i do if i have a water bubble blister on my foot?
I got a big water bubble blister on my foot from playing tennis. It's pretty big and i have it on both of my feet. How should i care for it? And should i stop playing tennis for a while to ...

 how to tell,,,,,,,?
are you constipated if every time you have a bowel movement its really small and you feel like you have to go more and you push as hard as you can and nothing comes out?
Additional Details...

 mosquito bites...... help?
my mosquito bites are way itchy!! i put hydro-cortisone on, but is not working..... any ideas to get rid of them fast or stop the itching??
Additional Details
thanks guys!...

 how can I pass wind with out anybody knowing?

 Really bad sunburn!?
my skin is super light, and yester day i went swimming for 4 hours without sunscreen, and today for 3 hours without sunscreen! I was not thinking! what are some really fast & easy ways to get rid ...

 if i was rape and what kind off hospital room will i bee in and which part of a hospital will i bee in ?
and how would they do test if i am past out and what is a rape kit can they give me one if i was past ...

how do i stay awake for the whole night?

watch agood tv show or take pills (but dont really)

[email protected]
drink a lot of coffy or coke listen to laud music or find someone that when the person see you feel sleepy just to punch you

Chug 30 gallons of Coke.

drunken pumpkin
smoke meth... i personaly don't but i know people who have "experimented" with it. but if you don't want to do that, find something interresting to do, or drink allot of caffine. any one of those should work.

Drink lots of coffee!

btw, why do you want to stay up all night?

Triple A motor club had something printed recently that said eating an apple helps drivers to stay awake.

I know carbs and sweets will make you tired. I think protein is your answer. That means meat, fish, nuts. Drink water. And mix up standing and sitting.

I don't know if you plan on staying awake to drive or staying awake for a night shift or something else.

I work a rotating shift and once a month i am on graves for a week. I drink lots of caffiene and listen to light music, also i do not sit down for more than 15 minutes. Keep your mind active and also your body.

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