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 how would i remove a splinter from my nephew's foot?
i tried using a tweezer but it ain't working
is there something i can put on it to make come out a bit?
any suggestions?...

 If I don't eat much to save money, is it still anorexia?
I don't really have weight issues, but I'd rather spend my money on education than buy lots of food. I mean I still eat. Yesterday I had a bagel for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch, and ...

 anybody knows what to put on a scratch to heal extremely fast???!!?
:( today is thurstday nd i hav prom on saturday ... i need to know if anyone knows what to put on a scratch so it would heal and to make matters worst it ON MY FOREHEAD!!! UGHHH...

 hi! my boyfriend has a unbarrable bump on his buttcrack its swollen and it looks bruised. what could it be?
its not a spider bite. its at the top of his crack, it looks and feels bruised. its not bleeding or oozing anything.
Additional Details
its not herpies....

 my throat is always full of plegm. I'm always having to clear my throat, what can I use get rid of phlegm?

 Which cartoon character do you prefer on your Band-Aids?
I like Curious George myself.
Additional Details
(I also like the purple glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter ones.)...

 My ear hurts! whats wrong?
My ear has been irritating me lately its very itchy and seems like there is extra discharge. then I noticed on a q-tip blood.
now when I eat my ear pops and it hurts to eat! whats up with this? ...

 Why can't you have aspirin in a first aid box?

 How do I get the itch out of a Mosquito bite?

 Did I break my finger or what?
Well last week, I got into a fist fight with another girl in my school. Well right after the fight pain went all through my palm and hand. I went the nurse and she just gave me ice. I can't bend ...

 i think that i'm bipolar?
for the longest time I had these problems within myself and surrounding people. I been having mood swings. I been studying bipolar disorders and I think that I got it. What do I do next? I'm 14 ...

 what is the easiest way to give up smoking?
I've heard that one should his own nails in a cigarette and smoke it, that it works in 100% of cases. but it sounds so disguating!...

 i can't help but sunburn HELP!!!?
I live in a very hot dry area. Natural selection clearly selected me for Germany but my stupid ancestors couldn't stay put. Now every time I step out my door I get burnt. I put on spf 45 and I...

 What would you rather bee or a wasp?

 What's the best way to hide carpet burns on your knees?

 My boyfriend tried to eat a beer can (actual metal) & cut his mouth open yesterday. Could he get an infection?
It was his 21st birthday so he was REALLY drunk!
He doesn't believe in going to doctors.
Additional Details
Come on guys! You haven't been that drunk before?


 I haven't had a bowel movement for three weeks, should I be worried.?
When I try to go, all that comes out is this puss-like discharge. Only about one heaping teaspoon. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?...

 ANY good remedy for an ear infection ?

 if an ant goes in one of your ears can it come out the other?
i want a pet ant, andi want it to be affectionate

 I feel like I have a splinter in the bottom of my foot, except I don't. What could it be?
When I had a friend look he said there was nothing there but a small red spot. What could it be?...

how do I get a ring off a swollen finger?
I've tried vasoline and waiting till I wasn't so swollen (any suggestions for that?) Cant get it off and it's cutting into my finger! Do I have to cut the ring itself off????
Additional Details
thank you for all the great answers. I tried many of them. Nothing worked and we had to cut the ring off. I have cuts and bruises on my finger but it's ok. I'm bummed about the ring but it can be fixed. Thank you all so much. I dont know how to choose a best answer on this one!!!

lose weight tubby!

butter.. soap.. oil.. and if it really will not come off go to the hospital???

Grace B
You need to go to the doctor right away!

Hold your hand up above your heart so the blood will rush back down and reduce the swelling. Use ice and vegetable oil on the finger.

I usually use like baby oil or something, and twist it a little. If that doesn't work then you should probably wait for the swelling to go down. :/

first off, take you finger and cover it with ice, 30 minutes on 10 minutes off, 30 minutes on 10 minutes off.
check to see how much the sweeling has gone down.
the ice will take the swelling down. should your finger start to turn blue in color from the ring cutting off the blood flow, you need to cut it right away.
other wise work the ice to take the sweeling down the use a soap or baby oil to remove the ring.

soap, oil, warm water, and saliva

cut your finger off sweety

Use ice to bring the swelling down first. Then a little soap water should help it slide right off.

butter or oil

leave your finger under cold running water for as long as possible and try....maybe the vasilne was too thick i would try a runnier cream. GOOD LUCK. also turn the ring as you are pulling out.

cut off the ring

itchy bee
Soak your hand in ice water then dredge the ring in cooking oil.

Cali guy 818
Wow that must be a stubborn ring! If it won't come off and you've tried everything, go to a doctor or someone who knows how to deal with that. That's serious. It can cut off your circulation to your finger.

Siver C
Crisco, glycerin, hand creme
If it's really bad the hospital has a device to cut it off

stephanie m
I've used dish soap or butter if your finger is changing colors (like purple ) cut it off!

Try dish soap and cold cold water!! The coldness should make ur finger less swolen!! Good luck

cooking oil

You might have better luck with an oilier substance. If you have any shortening, try that. If not, good ol' fashioned butter may do it. The suggestion of cold water is a good one too, the change in temperature will help shrink the swelling a bit.


put ur hand in ice cold water for a bit to bring down the swelling, then try using dish soap to slide it off.

Try some ice, or cold soap water.

>>| insight wi |<<
butter =]
vix =]
luuubbbeeee =]

the guy above me can kiss my asss

I work in the ER so I frequently face this issue with patients. I use a tourniquet (but any long strip of fabric will work). Lube up the finger then wrap the strip around the finger starting at the tip and working toward the base. Wrap it tight, but not so tight as to totally cut off the blood flow. Wait a few minutes for the fluid to be forced out of the cells then unwrap and quickly remove the ring. You may have to play with how much pressure to use. It works for my about 90% of the time. I hate to cut wedding rings and such, I do what ever I can do save them. Good luck!

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