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Additional Details
its not herpies....

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He doesn't believe in going to doctors.
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Come on guys! You haven't been that drunk before?


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 Do you lot like me?
its bee ...

how can i get stop my throat from hurting?

Additional Details
its because i was at a basket ball game and i was yelling very loud.will it go away or should I do sumthn? Oh and i tried to gargle salt water,and i just gagged and i couldnt do it!

matt w
eat hot dogs

drink a lemon tea sweetened with honey

take some dayquil or nightquil with vicks sab...and drink hot tea

joanna w
you may have an infection and need an antibiotic.if this is not the case,your throat may be very dry.try drinking more fluid regularly,or get somethroat lozenges.

I knew someone that would have their kids drink some pickle juice, (only 1/4 cup or so) and it helped. I myself use chloreseptic (however you spell it) throat drops right when my throat would hurt, and it would help it go away.

Take medacine and if your showing minor aches as in stomach aches and head aches, you should get a check up cause you never know how serious a small throat ach could lead u 2.

If you have a fever and headache with your sore throat, see your MD as it could be strep throat and a course of antibiotics will be required.
Otherwise gargle with warm salt water.
Hope you feel better soon.

If you have allergies or problems breathing at night it can dry out our throat and cause a dry,itchy, burning sensation. Try breath right strips or something to open the sinuses.

Brunette Babe
gargle with warm salt water


take the most Dr. remanded

Gargle with Braggs apple cider vinegar or Swedish bitters, let some trickle down your throat. Before you go to bed tonite squeeze some fresh lemon juice on a soft water dampened cloth, wring it out , wrap it around your neck and wrap another dry cloth around that. when you wake up your throat will be better!

Jack Skellington
Mine hurts too!
It's allergies.

Your mucas is like running down your throat.

Yummy, huh?

Nothing works. U have to let it go away by itself. trust me. ur throat hurts if ur about to get a cold or the flu and it also hurts when ur tonsils are irritated due to some bacteria in ur throat.
if ur tonsils are infected u should go to the doctor, they give u medicine to help it go away.
when i was younger and my tonsils would get infected my mom would boil water and stick some radishes in it and make us drink it. i don't remember if it actually works. it tastes weird. but try it. i know it sounds weird but what can i say.


gargle with salt water or drink a lemon and honey mixture

now thats just too easy

stop deep throating so much

Gargle with warm salt water.
Helps me...hope it helps you!

Bear Naked
stop talking

yo daddy
Eat cookie dough

drink some warm salt water

take a shot of moonshine

gargle with warm salt water. If persist go to the doctor.

Some sites:

Drink Hot tea with lemon and honey.

Try a nasal spray to stop the post nasal drip and try tylenol sore throat, it really works. If these don't work, see your dr and get a throat culture

Don't sleep with your window open. You may have allergies.

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