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has anyone ever heard of using super glue instead of getting stiches???

Maillot Jaune
I think that could casue serious damage.....

one day at a time
Yes but make sure it's the medical grade kind and if in doubt let a doctor make the decision.

Yes, but it depends on the severity of the cut. It helps by not creating scars, but doesn't hold some cuts.

Brad H
Yes. This is a very common home remedy for SMALL lacerations. Although super glue itself is not recommended, there is a superglue-like substance available at your local drug store in the bandaging isle. This is a substitute for a substance used in emergency departments, called Liquid Stitch. This should only be used on SMALL lacerations. Your wound should be checked for any debris that may exist, and if any exists, the debris should be removed using various techniques, this may require you to see a physician. Be sure to clean the wound thoroughly before applying the substance, and keep in mind that super glue is toxic (although nontoxic may exist, not sure), pull the laceration together and apply a small amount, you may want to utilize butterfly bandages (available at any drug store) to help hold the laceration together. Be sure to check the area regularly for any signs of infection such as redness, fever, etc. Any of these signs, as well as failure for the wound to heal, indicate the need to see a doctor. If you do not feel comfortable using super glue, not sure if the wound is minor enough for home care, you should go ahead and see a doctor.


Not necessarily super glue, but we use, for minor cuts, some junk called derma bond which basically is super glue.

yup, surgeons do it all the time.

120 IQ

i had it

squidly leu
Dermabond,and it works great with little to no scaring.DO NOT use crazy glue or Super glue you get at Wal-mart.

david b
It will work.they use it in surgery. Just be careful not to stick other parts of yourself together. You are better off using New Skin or similar products.

help me
i think i did when i was like 6

It's common place practice and has been for years. What do you think the liquid bandage crap is? It's tinted super glue basically. Super glue works great as long as the cut is held shut and glued, then when the skin is healing, the super glue falls off on it's own. Don't pick it off.

yes i have actually, i asked my doctor about that. if you don't want stitches and the cut isn't really severe(like you can see ur bone)then no. but other wise you can use super glue. she said to draw a line just under the skin and hold together for a couple of seconds till dry and try to keep it from being used much that day. then tomorrow it will be brand new. believe me me and my husband have done it. several times. its worth it. i always carry a little tube of super glue in my purse.

Medical grade glue (one is Dermabond) is packaged single dose and sterile.
You really should have a wound assessed to see if it needs traditional stitches which leave a smaller scar and is preferred for large or deep wounds. Stitches are rarely placed after 24 hours, so time is important.

TXKnight is definitely on the right track; I'm an athletic trainer and we typically use the "super glue" for cuts, scrapes, lacerations, etc., when dealing with athletes that have injured an area important to their sport. We generally cover it with a layer of pre-wrap over the adhesive, and then apply a layer of power flex.

i.e. Baseball player's hand
Soccer player's knee
Basketball/Football player's wrist

i have used super glue on small cuts to stop the bleeding, works great.

yes its pretty common in civilized nations.

Super glue was originally invented to close human wounds, but the reason it's not generally used is because of the fear that the glue could seal in infection and wounds need to be able to heal in the open air. Liquid bandaids are essentialy super glue mixed with antibiotics to prevent this problem with infections.
If your cut is serious enough that you think you need stitches, you should go to the doctor anyway rather than trying to fix it yourself. For smaller cuts, though, super glue should be fine. My husband always uses superglue or nail glue to fix small cuts on his hands that aren't closing on their own.

Serena M
Super glue is not a good substitute because it is not sterile. The wound needs to be cleaned- and depending on the depth- some doctors use a "new skin" type of product which is like a sterile glue. You can buy it at the store for minor cuts, but you need hospital strength for something deep enough for stitches

Just moi!
Yes It all depends on how deep the cut is. If the cut goes through a major blood source, such as an artery or vein, it's not good because a piece could dislodge and cause a stroke. If the wound is a large gash or something, it would work. Hospitals use a sterile version for that purpose.

Yes, in fact I heard some hospitals use super glue instead of the kind the hospital orders, supposedly it holds better and is cheaper. I've also heard that it burns.

that is a very bad idea

I don't know about super glue but there is a glue that doctors use. It's medical glue tho, I don't think they work the same.

yes, they do now some type of glue they use

Yes, very common now, and yes, i've had glue used instead of stitches.

yes ,its a pretty common practice in the U.S. but its not normal superglue , it is made just for that purpose ,of stiching small cuts

It's not really SuperGlue.
It's called Dermabond and it works great.
Very little scarring.
I was upset though because my daughter got it for a forehead wound and we paid an ER doc about $400 to put it on when after watching her (the doc) do it, I clearly could have done it myself.

It gets much more air and it heals a lot better.

After the Dermabond dries...about 5 minutes, there is no need for a bandage.

They even have an over the counter style of this called Liquid Band-Aid.

super glue could be toxic you may want to reconsider

They do have a medical "super glue" that they use in place of stitches on some lacerations. Now depending on the length and depth of the laceration depends on whether you need stitches or if the glue can be used. Also location of the wound is considered due to some areas the skin and muscles move more frequently.

Yes medical grade super glue.

My hubby who is insulin dependant had a very nasty cut on his big toe, and the hospital used super glue on his toe, rather than stitches
1. Because he is a diabetic.
2. He was travelling the next day and would not be close to a hospital.
3. Doctor told hubby it would heal much quicker, as long as he kept it clean.

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