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 whats the easiest,most inexpensive way to stop smoking?

 A firecracker went off by my ear a couple days ago. is there any way to make the ringing sensation go away?
Any way just to make it go away quick, would be great even. I could use any help possible....

 I accidentally spilled a bit of hot boiling water on my thigh...?
now it feels like its burning, i can't even touch it, what would be a good first aid? can i use aloe vera gel? or nivea creme? i heard that it helps with healing cuts and burns?any suggestons ...

 I NEED serious help with this question!!!!!?
I put my 3yr old son in the tub and when he turned his back to me I found a TICK on him! I'm freaking out and dont know what to do but I still have this tick in a cup of water with a lid on it. W...

 What's that thing called that you put around your neck when you had an accident or injury?
It's commonly white and it looks somehow like a bandage, it's just more thicker.
Additional Details
Oh lol, I feel so stupid for not knowing what it's called. haha thanks, ...

 When you are in a deep problem that you think there is no way out, who do you go to?

 leukaemia can be occured in Adult?
35 year old woman can suffer leukaemia? She has 3 children....

 how do i get my arm to stop breaking?
im a little bit of an adrenaline junky so i jump off my roof a lot. but its fun to land on my trampoline and it sinks so far down that i hit the ground and it breaks............ every time! how can i ...

 how do you get rid of a blister?
i have a blister on the tip of my tongue....how do i get rid of it??...

 what could be wrong with my sister?
she has the following:

a fever
sore throat
painful neck
stuffy nose
runny nose
her stomach hurts
she's ...

 I put an earplug in my ear twenty minutes later I took it out and now I can't hear the same.?

 What is best for gas pains and bloating?

 Just curious, how long of standing in the cold rain and having cold wet feet till you might get sick?

Additional Details
What if you're around 250+ people?...

 Does my cut need stiches?
I slipped with a knife and I got a bad cut on my wrist, it isn't very long and it has stopped bleeding but every time my wrist bend the cuts opens, not really bleeding much. Does it need ...

My husband was digging a ditch today in our yard and he has a huge blister. Is there anything that he can do about it....

 WHAT'S GOOD FOR ANXIETY? I only prefer natural remedies please.?
I suffer from anxiety attacks.I do not want to take man made drugs. Is there something natural, besides "Saint John's Wart" that I can take?...

 which is more important, man's virginity or woman's?

 Home remedy's, whats the strangest one you've ever heard of?
Once when I was a little girl I received a bad cut from a broken glass, the lady next door who was probably in her 80's put a spider web on it, she said it would heal fine...and it did. Have ...

 Is it normal for a 10 yr.old boy who has'nt undergone puberty changes to have enlarged breasts?

 i cut myself on the finger?
I cut my finger at work yesterday on a lid and i put it under water to stop it from bleeding then put on a bandaid but i was washing dishes most of the time so i had to keep rechanging the bandaid ...

are you suppose to leave ear holes open if its still bleeding?
ok i got gauges and i put them in. my right ear was bleeding so i cleaned it and its still bleeding after 4 days so i took out my gauges and its bleeding inside the earhole. do i put alcohol on it or something cause i don't know if i'm supose to leave it in the open like it is right now. someone help pleeease!

Leave open for two days and try to put it in then.

mhmm(; 1|22|11
Actually if youre serious its been bleeding for four days go to the emergency room.

I gauged my ears for the first time from a 16 to a 2 niether bled they just got really raw.

Dont put anything on it just go to the doctor and get antibiotics something could be wrong you shouldnt be bleeding like that

maybe your picking a scab thats trying to grow? stop.

if you want to keep them, keep it in and dont take it out but clean around it with a q-tip and neosporin.
and if it hasnt gotten better, as in it should be raw by three days then seriously GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

peroxide or salt water and a smaller earring till it heals and neosporin to fight infections

No put the earring back in..and keep cleaning it..If you don't put it back in it will grow back...good luck

DON'T PUT ALCOHOL ON IT!! That's a really bad idea. If you need to flush it out, use saline solution.

Did you go back to ask your piercer for advice for before taking them out? What gauge are we talking about?

You need to go see a professional piercer for after-care help. If the person who did these isn't reliable, or you did this yourself, find a good one, even if it's a bit costly.

go to a medclinic.

Remove gauged earings, wash your hands, clean ears with rubbing alcohol, let dry, put neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment in your piercing, put a bandaid on your ear to protect. And let heal. You can also put ice on them. If you notice an infection go to your family doctor.

Try not to gauge your ears too quickly or use plastic plugs. I recommend surgical steel.

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