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 cat bit my finger last night... swollen&painful this morning?
last night my cat bit my pointer finger while i was giving her tuna, hard enough to puncture it in two places (the top&bottom of my finger).. so awhile after that i soaked it in hydrogen peroxide....

 What can cause your fingers to fall off?
Okay so, i pulled a hang nail off of my finger the other day and it was fine for a few hours,it just hurt a bit. But then it started swelling up and i assumed it would just go down but it started ...

 I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Two days ago,I got the chicken pox vaccination. Where I got the shot, it is itchy and swollen. I put Benedryll on it to stop the itching. Would you advise that I put a Baind-aid over it?...

 Does anyone know of alert bracelets for bee sting allergies?
I can find any in the US . My son is very allergic and has EpiPens. He is starting kindergarden and I want to make sure all the teachers on the play ground know....

 I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
I put salt on it right I away and it stang, then I gargled scope mouthwash and it also stang, then I kept drooling cuz having it to air out made it feel good, it hurts toeat and drink =( I feel like ...

Why does hydrogen peroxide help treat cuts?
I got some and I got a cut but I don't know why I would use it

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, and an antiseptic. Use 3 or 4 times a day.

Hyrogen peroxides contains oxygen in it, which is poisonous to some bacteria. It can kill bacteria in a cut, to risk infection. However, using peroxide daily will actually slow down the healing process. It is best when used minimally.

So you're putting it on to kill any bacteria that can cause an infection.

Use it ONLY to clean the cut initially. After the first time, it's best to just soap & water. Peroxide kills organic tissue, including the new tissue trying to form to heal your cut. Multiple applications will take your cut a LOT longer to heal, plus almost definately leave a scar. We have a huge speach we give to people in the ER after they get stitches or staples, so this is basically long-story, short.

Troubadour 1318
it helps get the dirt out of the cut and since it contains oxygen it should help the healing process

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