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 Can you glue a finger back on to your hand?
I accidently cut my finger off while chopping zuchinni. Can I just glue it back on or will I have to use tape?...

 i cut my mole off myself. now it is bleeding. help?
i was stupid and cut off a mole myself. now it is bleeding, how do i get it to stop??? i have a cotton ball and some medical tape over it now. it seems like it is not bleeding as much as it was ...

 Fingernail stuck in my throat?
i was watching tv yesterday and i m ust of just been biting my fingernail (its a habit) and accidently swallowed it. every time i swallow i can feel it and its really annoying :( its been like 2 days ...

 I clipped my toenail too short and now the top of the toe hurts. Do you think it is infected?

Additional Details
The toe that i hurt is the middle toe on the left foot. The top is a little red and hurts to touch it. i hurt it last ...

 If a rattlesnake bit me on the prostate, what sort of first aid would you administer?

Additional Details
"Best Answer" is still available......

 when you bleed. what cells rush to the wound or cut and help stop the bleeding?

 What's the best way of stopping midgie bites?
I heard that vitamin B something is good at stopping bites. Does anyone have any recommendations?...

 What OTC medicines are there for nausea?
I don't really know if there is a general-purpose OTC (Over-The-Counter) medicine for nauseousness.
Additional Details
A lot of people are saying pepto bismol. To be honest, I'...

 Please help ................?
What is the best way to leave this world?? Please help me!! I need a way which is fast painful don't care!!
Additional Details
Don't want attention just want help....

 I really need help right now please help a man in a bad and deadly situation?
Please Im constiped right now and I need help, do not suggest eat fibers and other, please what should I do right now to evacuate ?...

 I feel like drinking up to three glasses of wine EVERY night - does that make me an alcoholic?
I want to know if it is bad to drink this much every night. I cant sleep without a glass (up to three glaases) of red wine (or something). I am not overweight, quite slender, eat a very healthy diet, ...

 What should i do for a burn?
I just burnt the back of 2 of my fingers and ir hurts really bad. Is there anything that will be like instant relief or help it heal faster?...

 I think i was bitten by a spider and now...?
about 3 weeks ago i think i got bitten by a spider. at first it was just red, about a week ago where i was bitten there was a little black dot. so today i squeezed it and pus came out and then blood. ...

 HELP!! PLEASE!!!! i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it wont come out?
i searched online that it was okay to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears
so i put a bit in my ear
AND IT WONT COME OUT! HELP please! what do i do!! is this dangerous??? How do i get ...

 Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
They were the ex-lax chocolate ones, I was stupid enough to take 4 times more than recommended, and my constipation wasn't even THAT bad (3 days).

Will it hurt a lot now? I'm ...

 How can I get a cut to heal faster?
I know not to mess with it. It is kinda long ...

 Does anyone know anything about ingrown toenails please?
I have ingrown nails on both big toes and is very painful..I am only able to wear sandals,not practical at this time of year ! I have tried the 'wisp' method but so far,no help......

 IN PAIN! bad sunburn!?
i went tanning yesterday and there was a new girl working, i usually go into a gold bed for 20 mins but she put me into platinum for 20 by accident, now im in PAIN!!!!!...i tried aloe and everything ...

 Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?

 what time do you usually go to sleep?
what time do you usually go to sleep?...

When was the last time you were the happiest?
when everything felt great

everytime i look into the face of my 10 yr olds face i am so freakin thrilled!!!!

2 years ago!

Who's Your Buddie
I went the the beach on friday and it was so wonderful. watching the water and wildlife. My sister and i went to laguna beach to hang out, which we havnt done for a while. The weather made my day.

maybe a year ago... this is not a good year for me...so far

i honstely dont think i can remember it was so long ago that is what happens whenur young

4 hours ago, when nothing really matter I was just me! Now Im just bumped and grumpry, Its moments like this that I wish to go back on time.

Being "poor" because i dont have to worry about big bills and being one paycheck away from being out on the streets any longer. After I lost the cars and my good job, i pretty much didnt have much more to worry about. I live simple now and im very happy. But you know, i dont think we are ever truly content as we think we are striving to be, it is human nature to feel unrest all the time or we wouldnt work toward any goals in life. We would loose our will to thrive.

the day my daughter was born

TODAY!!! :)

iono.. i vary.. when i was high.. or maybe today.. maybe right now.. but now i'm getting tired.. ppl arent answering my question.. i left alot of info.. but thats because.. i wanted a good answer.. CAN YOU HELP... CLICK ON MY NAME.. WHY AM I MATERIALISTIC QUESTION...THANX

Boo Boo
when i bought a new jacket yesterday......i came down from the jacket high since then but i have fond memories of the purchase

When I was the closest to God. He is the way to true happiness.

Ummm. OH! Ooh, I know! No.... Uhhhhhhhh. Well, hmm. Uh. Gimme a minute.

about a year and 3 moths ago when I first met my boyfriend after that I learned things that I don't want to know

SuNnY BlOnDe
about one minute ago when i stumbled across your cute lil avatar...smiles

sigh.....you can say 13 years back...
When my sister was still alive, and I was on the top of my class, extremely intelligent, extremely beautiful, everyone around me...a lot of fun , no responsibilities, no sad memories, no bad experience.
I think I will be happy again,if I get pregnant which is very hard in my case ....

before i was married had kids and became an adult! if not were ever born into this life!

uhh.. i cant remember.. uurrmm.. i think it was when.... uhhuhh... i'm sorry.. i can't do this... LOL

My first thought was like a feeling that the happiest time had to be something that previously happened, but that's insane, what's wrong w/ me?! How can I honestly not say I'm the happiest now, if happiness is being inlove, having enough money to save and treat myself to things, being able to travel, being healthy..i have great eyesight, great bones, i'm not overweight..not underweight, I have family anf friends that I love and love me back, I have a great bf, a rewarding job and secure job, I'm taking courses to further myself, I'm enrolled in Kickboxing, I have my mom & dad and 2 brothers, I live in a great country, I'm Muslim, I have my own car that I pay for monthly, I live at home rent free so I can save, I have no debts! If that isn't happiness then crap..i don't know what is!

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