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What to do about splinter in foot?
I fell on concrete earlier tonight and the cut is pretty deep on my foot. There were very small black spots that were from the concrete in my foot, and I got rid of the majority but I think that I can vaguely notice a few very small dark spots that may be some more but are so deep that everytime i try to pick them out, it bleeds too much. Should I wait and see if the dark spots are just my eyes playing tricks on me or should I just let them go if they are splinters, because they are really small??

believe this or not it sounds crazy and all, but my husbands grandma told him when he had one in his foot to take a potatoe cut the top of and tape the other part of the potatoe to your foot when u wake up it will be in the potatoe. GOOD LUCK

i would try the bacon thing if it was a splinter,it works, but not on an open wound, i just had a bad deep cut an my knee and i thought something was in it but it was blood that was purple deep in my skin. just keep it clean and dont dig at it. use neosporine it should heal up fast..

audrey s
get a piece of raw bacon, wrap it over where the splinter is, tie rags around it. sleep over night, next morning, take rags off, take bacon off, the splinter will be attached to the bacon. it doesnt hurt at all. simple steps.

well it's always a good idea to see a doctor if you can afford one. that said, your body will usually push out foreign materials in it. usually

Foreign bodies that are that deeply embedded, complicated by your attempts at removing them on your own puts you at a high risk for infection. I recommend you seek medical treatment so that the wound can be cleaned and dressed properly. You should also receive a tetanus booster if it has been more than 5 years since your last one.

Try soaking your foot in very warm water. If the cut is very deep, you might have needed stitches, but it's likely too late for them, now. Soaking it in hot water will help pull any foreign material from the wound. Otherwise, you can wait for your body to naturally reject the foreign material. Quit picking at it for now, and just keep an antibiotic ointment on it, if you can.

Please do not wrap any open wound with any food product, especially raw meat. You are putting yourself at great risk of blood poisoning if you do.

Good luck!

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