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 HELP ASAP: My BF got Antibacterial Face Cleanser in his eye?
He was playing around with my makeup. He put like just a tiny brush of eyeshadow on his eye, and I told him to use the eye makeup remover lotion. Instead he grabbed this face cleaning stuff and it ...

 How do I get water out of my inner ear?
It's driving me crazy! There's some kind of pressure or water stuck in my inner ear, and it's been like this for 5 months now. My allergist put me on a steroid and a decongestant, but ...

 What is growing out of my finger?
People please help me a few months ago i had a little whole on the top of my finger. Nothing happened. But today something grew out of it when i put on a band aid. Its like a peach color and it ...

 How to get rid of chigger bits?

 cat bit my finger last night... swollen&painful this morning?
last night my cat bit my pointer finger while i was giving her tuna, hard enough to puncture it in two places (the top&bottom of my finger).. so awhile after that i soaked it in hydrogen peroxide....

 What can cause your fingers to fall off?
Okay so, i pulled a hang nail off of my finger the other day and it was fine for a few hours,it just hurt a bit. But then it started swelling up and i assumed it would just go down but it started ...

 I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Two days ago,I got the chicken pox vaccination. Where I got the shot, it is itchy and swollen. I put Benedryll on it to stop the itching. Would you advise that I put a Baind-aid over it?...

 Does anyone know of alert bracelets for bee sting allergies?
I can find any in the US . My son is very allergic and has EpiPens. He is starting kindergarden and I want to make sure all the teachers on the play ground know....

 I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
I put salt on it right I away and it stang, then I gargled scope mouthwash and it also stang, then I kept drooling cuz having it to air out made it feel good, it hurts toeat and drink =( I feel like ...

Rebecca :]
What is the name for a foot doctor?

Foot doctors are usually referred to as podiatrists or doctors of podiatric medicine.


A podiatrist

An orthopedist, also called an orthopedic surgeon.

Foot note. . .
A bunion is not caused by a toe rubbing against the inside of a shoe. It is caused by one bone in the foot rubbing against another bone in the foot.


The human foot

Foot anatomy

A podiatrist is a specialist professional who studies leg and foot pathology from a structural and functional standpoint and treats conditions of the leg and foot.

A podiatrist


soccer is ****
A podiatrist otherwise known as a foot doctor :]

Heather ;]

Loved by some, hated by most!

UK Dad
Ours is called Chris.

Happy Harry


willy wom bat
i think it is a chiropodist

at the risk of sounding stupid.........i've always known a foot doctor to be a chiropadist

*~STEVIE~* *~B~*
Wow.....I`ve never met a doctor that small.

It is only my opinion

Deejay♥ ♥Caleidh's mummy♥ ♥
Chiropodist or Podiatrist i have been to one who fixed my in growing toe nail lol


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