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 My son was bite by a rattle snake and has had 6 debridements I want to know if blood spinning platelets helps?

 had stitches out on inner knee but now its opened up after 2 days and is getting bigger.has any1 had this?
it was infected but treated with ...

 Why does hydrogen peroxide help treat cuts?
I got some and I got a cut but I don't know why I would use ...

 how to treat small second-degree burn?
I was taking something out of the oven and the heel of my hand touched the wire rack which was very hot. it immediately formed a blister which burst over night and it is yellowish and wet looking now....


 If a piece of the colored rim of a toothbrush head for an electric toothbrush falls on the inside of the?
tootbrush, can you get plastic poisoning from that?? its not there anymore but if the inside of the platic rim of the toothbrush head was consumed can you get plastic poisoning?...

 I got stung by a red wasp. Its not swollen but its red and it really hurts, feels like my hand is on fire?
Half my arm along with my hand really feels like it is on fire. I put some meds on it but it didn't help. I really do not wanna go to the ...

 What is the fastest and most efficient way to heal a canker sore?

 is it possible to break you ear?
last night i jumped onto a couch and hit my head on the ledge behind it. this morning my ear still hurts really bad like if i touch it it will hurt a lot! its probably not possible to break cause its ...

 HELP ASAP: My BF got Antibacterial Face Cleanser in his eye?
He was playing around with my makeup. He put like just a tiny brush of eyeshadow on his eye, and I told him to use the eye makeup remover lotion. Instead he grabbed this face cleaning stuff and it ...

 How do I get water out of my inner ear?
It's driving me crazy! There's some kind of pressure or water stuck in my inner ear, and it's been like this for 5 months now. My allergist put me on a steroid and a decongestant, but ...

 What is growing out of my finger?
People please help me a few months ago i had a little whole on the top of my finger. Nothing happened. But today something grew out of it when i put on a band aid. Its like a peach color and it ...

 How to get rid of chigger bits?

 cat bit my finger last night... swollen&painful this morning?
last night my cat bit my pointer finger while i was giving her tuna, hard enough to puncture it in two places (the top&bottom of my finger).. so awhile after that i soaked it in hydrogen peroxide....

 What can cause your fingers to fall off?
Okay so, i pulled a hang nail off of my finger the other day and it was fine for a few hours,it just hurt a bit. But then it started swelling up and i assumed it would just go down but it started ...

 I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Two days ago,I got the chicken pox vaccination. Where I got the shot, it is itchy and swollen. I put Benedryll on it to stop the itching. Would you advise that I put a Baind-aid over it?...

 Does anyone know of alert bracelets for bee sting allergies?
I can find any in the US . My son is very allergic and has EpiPens. He is starting kindergarden and I want to make sure all the teachers on the play ground know....

 I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
I put salt on it right I away and it stang, then I gargled scope mouthwash and it also stang, then I kept drooling cuz having it to air out made it feel good, it hurts toeat and drink =( I feel like ...

What is the effect of water on our body?

it rehydrates our cells and stuff like that without it we would die

dear, u cant imagine a life without it.

Functions of Water in the Human Body


The human body is two-thirds water. Water is essential nutrient that is involved in every function of the body. It helps transport nutrients and waste products in and out of cells. It is necessary for all digestive, absorption, circulatory, and excretory functions, as well as for the utilization of the water-soluble vitamins. It is also needed for the maintenance of proper body temperature.

Water must be continuously replaced since on average 250ml is lost on a daily basis through breathing. Nutritionists have difficulty in suggesting an exact daily requirement because the amount of water required will vary depending on the on the climate and whether any type of activity is undertaken. By drinking an adequate amount of water each day-at least eight glasses (2 litres) -you can ensure that your body has all it needs to maintain good health.

Your fluid needs might be double or even triple that amount when you work out for more than an hour in the heat. Even on cool days and shorter workouts, you still need to drink more than nonathletes.

You can live without food for several weeks, but you can go less than a week without water. The best way to get this water is by drinking plain water. But other beverages, such as fruit juices, milk, and noncaffeinated drinks are also good sources of water. Fruits and vegetables can also be good sources of water.

Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, while they do supply water to the body initially, contain diuretics that cause the body to lose water.

It would appear that most people do not drink enough water. The classic signs and symptoms include:

Poor concentration
Increased risk of developing kidney infections, and
It is almost impossible to drink to much water, although if large volumes of water are taken in a short space of time it can provide short lived symptoms similar to being drunk

On the outside or the inside? Hot or cold. Polluted or clean? Fresh or salt? Steam bath or pouring rain. You need to be specific.

It keeps us away from dehydration

From a personal standpoint? You have to have it our bodies are 90% water, you would die of dehydration, it helps with cleansing your system, gets rids of wrinkles, frees our brains... from an esoteric standpoint? think of Water and you think of rain, of a river of the ocean, of a pond or a lake. Are you calmer now? The sprinklers in my complex go off everynight at this time...if I'm not asleep by now, that's what lulls me to sleep.

Water, after oxygen, is the second most important substance for human health. Water is a universal solvent and transport medium, and because of that it is the basis of all biological processes in the human body.
Water is mainly important for the digestive system, because it contributes to the constant supply and export of products and substances. The transport of nutrients can only take place through a solvent, and as such water acts as the main transport medium of nutrients.
Water also attends heat regulation in our bodies. For humans it is of vital importance that the body temperature stays at a standard level. That is why we have to drink water, when we are infected with a fever. Water takes up heat and transports it out of the body while we are transpiring.
We can survive without food for about 30 to 40 days, but we can only survive a few days without water. This is a factor that proves how important water is for us.

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