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 is it about time to remove the sodas fron school canteen,specially,public?

 how can i stop my thumb from bleeding?
Today I cut my right thumb while chopping. I did chop of some skin, but I don't need stitches. It started bleeding again, what should I do?

I already used alcohol wipes, and bandages. ...

 whats the best way to stop a cut from bleeding in a fight?

 what does neosporin do?

 Is it really so bad to smoke marijuana? Also, what are the legal issues that go along with it?
I feel really pressured to smoke marijuana because most of my friends do. I promised my parents I wouldn't but I still feel conflicted. Is it really so bad if I take a couple of puffs? Also, ...

 Whats the best way to treat a severe sunburn?

 what are the benefits of bee polen?

 Does Narcan cross the placental barrier?
Curious for my medic class
Additional Details
This is for a paramedic class....not for my information. Please don't tell me to look it up on the Internet - I was hoping that ...

 How to treat a hand scalded with oil?

 Anyone ever had to get rabies shots?
I had them back in the 70's and then it was the 20 belly shots. How do they give them now? Do they still hurt as much?...

 What's the best sunburn home treatments?

 Second degree burn help please?
I burned my leg on an exhaust of a motorcycle and believe that I have second degree burns. This happened approximately 2 weeks ago. It blistered immediately and the burn is now open. I cannot ...

 I quit smokeing cigs using the patch for a week. How do I continue it. Seems to be getting harder than easier?

 Zombies and oral hygene. You think they could floss a bit more?

 How long has it been since you slipped and fell on ice?

 How can you tell if a burn is infected?

 is the thumb a finger?

 how to remove water from ear?
i went to da pool last monday and i still have water in my ears and its inda hard to hear plz help?...

 Why am I itching?
I woke up this morning itching all over form hear to toe. It will itch for a while then stop, then when it starts back it is in a different place. I have not ate anything different or changed ...

 I Drunk 1 litre VODKA and I have a bad HEADACHE...help me!?
the day before yesterday i drunk 1 litre vodka and till now i feel like hell!!!!

vomiting and a baaaaaaaaaad head ache!!!!

can i use asprin or astaminophen??? or it will be ...

What do you do when a burn blisters? Your not supposed to pop it are you? Will is scar?
I've burnt myself on an oven at work and didn't get enough time to run it under the water, and it's on my arm where it keeps gettin knocked. Any ideas, what would be the best thing to do?

The Jackal
I'm a welder and even though they say not to pop it, I do, but only if it's relatively small and within about 5-10 minutes of getting it. IMMEDIATELY wash it and cover it with a band-aid of some kind. After that, your call. I haven't had a scar yet, but I hear Neosporin works wonders should it get to that point...


get blister cream from the pharmacy. It freezes it or something liek that.

If you pop it it could get infected and then get worse than just a blister. Get some burn cream from the chemist. I had a large burn that didn't go down for days but with the burn cream it didn't scar. There is some stuff that can reduce scaring like Bio-Oil if your worried. I think cover it with a wrap thingy to reduce the chances of popping.

paw chua
DO NOT POP. the blisters is the defense mechanism of our body because of the excessive heat. let it heal on its own. popping it will result to infection and scarring in the area.

The fluid in side the blister is met to help it heal, there is some cream out called BURN AID use some of that and cover it with a badinage while you are at work and then remove it when you get home to let it breath

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