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 I have a bump on my head what is it?
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What do you do?!?
Just got a pedicure a few hours ago and the lady cutting my cuticle ripped a small chunk of meat on my big toe! They put some blue stuff that burned like hell and it wldnt stop bleeding so I ended up leaving. Whats worse is I had a evening planned for dancing so that aint gonna happen. Its still throbbing but I feel wayyy to silly going to the emergency just for a toe. What would you do???

Go to the doctor. Neosporin will NOT cure any infection. Those places are not sterile. I would be very careful. Those places have been known to spread MRSA infections from person to person. Some of them do not sterilize the foot tub between customers, and therefore can spread anything to the next one!

Ally T
I would make a warm water and salt mixture to clean the cut..(alcohol rub kills everything, even the things that are trying to heal you) I would do that a few times a day and just wrap it up really good to keep out germs......if it is still bleeding by tomorrow morning I would go get some stitches...other then that, all you can do is wait for it to heal and never go to the same nail place again!!

Definently would not go to the emergency room. You can boil it out with peroxide, put some neosporin on it which will stop any infection,and cover it with a band-aid. The throbbing will go away soon and you may experience some stinging when you shower or bathe.

You must keep your toe clean and dry. Peroxide and an antibacterial cream should do the trick. I probably would not got to my physician unless you start to show signs of infection. If it is throbbing you can place ice on your foot and elevate it. Also Tylenol is a good choice to take the edge off. If it won't stop bleeding than apply pressure with a paper towel or tissue and hold if there for about 10 minutes. That usually does the trick.
Injuries to the toes and feet tend to take a while to heal due to the decreased blood supply to the lower extremities, being farther away from your heart. For example this is why our feet get cold while the rest of our body is not.
At night a warm compress or heated pad is good to increase circulation and promote healing. Hope this helps a little.

Danny H

I wouldn't go to the ER but you should go to the doctor tomorrow. It could get infected and no telling what they put on it. Tonight you could take some Tylenol PM to help you sleep if it is really painful.

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