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 what's the fastest way to cure constipation?

 I've got something in my eye. How do I get it out?
Lately it's been windy and stuff has been getting in my eyes. Usually it seems to go away but not this time. I've been using this Eye Wash stuff that you use with a little cup that goes ...

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 My girlfriend can barely move all of a sudden, says she feels numb and is in pain. What's going on?
We were doing cocaine last night, after we finished we were lying in bed, about an hour later I noticed my girlfriends eyes were still open. Now she can barely talk or move, says her body is numb. S...

 what should i do because my bf is being abused by his own parents?
they hit him. and today they cut him. he says he can defend himself and hes taking care of it. but i dont know. i wanna tell my parents about it. something has to be done. he told me not to tell ...

 I've been drinking canal water for a bet. I think it's kicking in now, what's going to happen to me

 how i can lose 15lb in 15 days?

 I cut my hand open..?
So for new years i was with a friend, and haha we were drinking some stuff, and we were being stupid, some how, we broke the glasses and i cut my hand open,
I've bled through ...

 what's ICU?

 You can't live without your....?
what is it?...

 i got bit by a black spider with a red thing on its stomach and it is swelling really bad. does anyone know wh?
it is swelling really bad. does anyone know what spider it is or what i should do?...

 I think my daughter swallowed a dime?
my daughter is 8.5 months old and i think she swallowed a dime and im not sure what to do. She acts fine and isn't choking. I thought i saw something shiny in her hand and when i went to get it ...

 has anyone ever heard of using super glue instead of getting stiches???

 what's the best way to care for a sunburn?

 Water in Ear, since Sunday?
I took a shower last sunday and I noticed that I got water in my ears. Now usually it would go away after an hour or two but its still in my right ear. Now its Thursday and Im worried that I might ...

 This may sound stupid.........................?
But can a person die from hiccups? If they hiccup for a long period of time will it affect their breathing?
I guess it depends on how bad the person has the hiccups and the age...
But still,...

 I did a really stupid thing at lunchtime...?
....I wear leave-in contact lenses, but had something irritating in one today and took it out to rinse it. I usually use multi purpose saline solution which you can use to rinse the lenses and put ...

 i got stung in by a bee and it swelled up alot and wont go down how do i get rid of it?

 HELP! make it stop bleeding!!!!!!!?
OOWWWWWWWW! i fucd up my finger so bad! i accedentally cut it when i was opening a can and i'ts still bleeding HELP!!!!
Additional Details
that cut i fucing deep, man!...

 Mosquito bite!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHH?
I got a mosquito bite yesterday on my hand, in between two fingers. Now its swollen and squishy and stiff and itchy and painful. What can I do to stop the immflamation?...

Super - Level 5
What do u do when you're really really mad?
I feel like punching a wall.


Feel as though my blood is boiling inside my veins, and I sweat.

I usually end up beating the crap out of someone, but if know one is there and I'm in my room or someting, many things get broken, and I get a bruised/swollen fist. I know this isn't the healthiest thing to do, but oh well.



cuss and yell a lot

Listen to music, So I don't hit someone or put my fist through a window and get in really big trouble!

pace around and talk on the phone

Cuss a lot, listen to songs that sound like their pissed, and talk to supportive friends

cus word.

wage an assault on the elderly

I throw stuff at the wall (stuff that is not valuable or can break), and I listen and sing to Reba McEntire. I also scream into my pillow, and punch my beanbag chair or my mattress.
Sometimes, when I'm really mad, I get all worked up when someone walks by. I even get angry enough to yell at my mom. Once, I was so mad at my cat, I tossed her about seven feet to my sister. (I still feel really guilty for doing that.)

scream and cry

Cry mostly. I don't get really mad too often unless it's PMS related.

Take a samurai sword to some cardboard boxes or some plants in the garden.

I don't cuz but when I get mad I leave off the first letter of ever cuz word and it sounds something like this. uck you, you mother ucker!

i don't take my frustrations out on people, i go for long walks till i have calmed down. i will also go into another room and take deep breaths to clear my mind.

There's nothing like throwing a plate against a wall.
I work in a restaurant and it's a great stress relief :-)

Get AWAY from the situation...asap!

yell, cry, and sometimes take it out on other people.
but a lot of the times i'll come on here and ask a question about how to calm down or if what my friend did to me that made me mad was fair or nice.

I'm a pyro, so I burn things. My house, my hubbie.. y'know - stuff like that.

i will bite you

I drive and listen to phil collins!!! Or I just simply take deep breaths, and count from 10-1 with each breath.

I go for a walk...a long l o n g walk.

listen to rock music and feel better

You may be right
Yell, swear

Not much else you can do.

Don't punch a wall, no use hurting yourself.

Acually yelling a swearing isn't good either.

Punching a wall might hurt too much, I always want to break glass jars and windows and things. Throwing rocks is fun too.

Actually I also listen to trance music with my portable cd player, It's really fun.

if you got an axe split some wood,that way at least somthing productive comes out of your rage

listen to music, i am now but the music is calming me down.

listen to rock music really really loud.

Creative Nickname
i just force myself to go to sleep but take heavy exercise
i do my best to refrain from violent venting :)

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