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What can cause your fingers to fall off?
Okay so, i pulled a hang nail off of my finger the other day and it was fine for a few hours,it just hurt a bit. But then it started swelling up and i assumed it would just go down but it started hurting even more. Then today i saw that there was something yellow growing there. I put rubbing alcohol on it and it didn't sting like it rubbing alcohol usually does. When I asked my mom and she said it might fall off. Which is scaring me to death. So I want to know, What can cause a finger to fall off? What can cause a nail to fall off? Maybe it got infected? Is it common and will it eventually go away? This is kind of a medical question but I want to get an idea of how serious it is before I go to the doctor and take away time for other patients with bigger problems.

Never use alcohol, iodine, betadine, or anything similar because it kills live tissue. You can clean it with mild soup and water to clean it. Clear drainage is OK, yellow to greenish tinge indicates it's infected. Apply an antibiotic ointment and a clean dress on it and change it twice daily and you be fine. If the drainage does start to look greenish see your Dr.

Gangrene can cause your finger to get infected and therefore you'd have to have it removed. But it won't make it fall off. Your nail is probably a little infected and it will go away soon. Your mom probably just said it as a joke. If it were seriously infected you'd be getting sick and it'd look worse then yellowing.
Though you can go to a doctor. He could give you antibiotics to keep the infection from spreading. It's a big enough problem- and trust me, I've seen the doctor for much more stupid things than that.

♥ veronica ♥
wow what a nice mom lol. its probably bacteria because your nail isnt there to protect it and the skin that is there now isnt enought to protect it from bacteria soooo...i would go see a docter. ur finger will definitely wont fall off dont worry. u just might need a cream or something. just chill lol i doubt ur mom was serious

Hi Kymberly,

You have an infected hangnail. Ironically I was on here looking around because I have one now myself. It happens when a hangnail gets pulled or cut away and it goes too deep, leaving the tissue open (generally it will be tender or bleed) or it can happen from pushing back your cuticles too much while doing a manicure. Anyway, basically the skin around your fingernail is open to the environment and bacteria get in. It swells up and the skin feels tight and it hurts like crazy. That's because your body's defenses and the bacteria are slugging it out in there. The white/yellow spot is pus building up. Pus is basically the casualties from the fight between your body and the bacteria. When it gets like that it's called an abscess and it needs to be drained. The best thing to do is go to the doctor who can open it to drain it and give you an antibiotic.

If you can't go to the doctor, soak it in hot water and take a sterilized pin or needle (hold it in a flame for a few seconds or douse it in alcohol--DON'T do both!) and scrape it over the area where the yellow is, the skin is weak there and the scraping will weaken it more. Don't just stab it in. Once you've scraped it a little take your finger and gently squeeze it, you should open the abscess and it will drain the pus out. If it doesn't work scrape it a little more. Once it starts draining, keep squeezing til it's mainly blood coming out. The squeezing is going to hurt but it will feel a LOT better once it's drained,the pain and pressure will subside a lot.

After you've squeezed out all you can, soak it in hot water with some epsom salts dissolved in it (if you don't have any at home you can find them at any drug store). Put some antibacterial ointment on it and a bandaid. Keep doing that for a few days and it should clear up. If it doesn't or if it continues to hurt a lot, produce pus or if you see redness spreading away from the original infected area, DEFINITELY go see a doctor.

Your finger isn't going to fall off and your fingernail most likely won't unless the infection gets bad enough to get under the nail into the nail bed. But a spreading infection could be very dangerous so take care to keep it clean and watch it to see if any symptoms continue or get worse.

I'm gonna be doing the same thing tonight myself to get rid of this. Good luck!

PS I meant to add that if you notice this happening again in the future before it gets to the pus stage, keep it very clean, soak it in hot water, and put antibiotic ointment on it and hopefully you can beat down the infection before it gets to the abscess stage.

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