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its not herpies....

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[email protected]
What can I do for my son's sunburn pain?

jane d
aloe is great for burns, helps the skin a great deal. Initially though, use vinegar...put it on a cotton ball and gently soothe over the skin. It will stop the burning. Then aloe...Please encourage him in future to avoid sunburn, it can cause huge problems in years to come. Remember..
SLIP ... slip on a shirt
SLOP.... slop on some sunscreen (SPF 30+ at least)
SLAP.... slap on a hat.

aloe with lotion mixed in or just plain aloe. i get that once a year, at the beggining of summer ( but not anymore im part indian so...) it works really well.

maria p
paracetamol and calomine lotion is best and cheapest.

Aloe vera. Ice. Vitamin E too.

your mom
scratch him and also smack him

Give him a bath in white vinegar. Add about a cup to the bath water. The vinegar will take the sting out of the sunburn.

Aloe, cool wet rags, cool baths or showers, also to reduce pain you can use tylenol, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Good luck!:)

Solarcaine is a pretty amazing product. It's made specifically for burns. It's basically pain reliever/aloe. Any drugstore should have it.

soak the sunburn in vinegar and it'll take the sting out. also use some aloe vera and ibuprofen

slap him were it hurts the most

First, I'd give him some kind of over-the-counter pain killer, such as Motrin or Advil, to minmize the pain. In my personal experience, this is the best step you can take.

Applying cloths soaked in cool water can help if applied topically. Some say lotions with aloe vera help - - I think this is of limited value, but it can't hurt to try.

To sleep tonight, bathe in cool h2o with baby oil and baby bath with extra moisturizers. Get some type of moisturizing cream with lidocane safe for his age range. Lidocane is a topical pain reliever. give some Advil (Ibuprofen) before bed and dress in loose clothing. If he gets up in the night, apply more of the lidocane and if it has been @ least 6 hrs since the last does of ibuprofen, give another dose.

aloe is the best thing

ok..ill add to the list..aloe, vitamin E...and take noxema, put it in the fridge and put that on...keeping the skin moist will be very soothing...

I used to use Witch Hazel. just soak a soft cloth or cotton ball and smooth it on (smells better than vinegar) or Noxzema.


rub vingear on it, it really helps. it stops peeling. also try to give him two tyenol

put noxzema on the sunburn, and give him some benadyrl to keep him from scratching. good luck.

aloe vera gel and take ibprophin.

DON'T PUT ANYTHING ON THE BURN! Think about putting stuff on it like putting oil on the stove. The oil would make it worse, as would putting anything on the burn. Most likely a cool cloth would be the best bet if you have to alleviate some of the pain.

Aloe works great esp. if you put it in the fridge for a little bit first. But you don't want the menthol kind.

put aloe vera lotion on him. They sell it near the sun screen products. My kids got a sunburn over this holiday weekend as well.

Noxzema original is perfect for it. It moisturizes, cools the skin and helps the pain. It will help prevent him from pealing too. My mother used it on me when I was a kid and I still use it whenever I get too much sun. I hope your boy feels better!

Aloe is very good for this, as are cool compresses. Be sure to protect children by applying a 50+ sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. Below site recommends these steps: (1) cool bath or shower; (2) apply 100% Aloe Vera Gel or hydrocortisone cream or sunburn lotion; (3) apply cool compresses as needed; (4) take ibuprofen (if needed); (5) apply antibacterial ointment if blistered (don't rupture blisters!!!). Most of these products available at $ Store.

try applying shaving cream on the burn.It helps draw out the heat.
Next time put some sun block on him be4 going out in the sun !

Vinigar helps alot! He might smell like a salad but it takes the pain away.

Aloe soothes burns. Also, ibuprofen for the pain.

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