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proud nerd
What's the best way to soothe a nasty sunburn?
We went to a water park saturday, and I made sure to put sunscreen on the kids - but forgot about putting it on myself. So now i have a very painful sunburn. Any tips on making it feel better until it heals on its own?

have a w.a.n.k and smear the c.u.m. over it.

it will make you feel much better :)

hope i helped

Vaseline helps.

curious me
ooooh! Best is sunburn cream at drugstore.

At home, Cool bath with tea in the water, then slather with Aloe. Light covering clothes, and stay out of sun.
Good luck.

Sunburn, Well don't have hot baths it will hurt. Coll down your baths or take a nice luke warm shower. Put some moisturiser and after sun on it and it will peel and then go brown.

slice a tomatoe and rub it on your skn or aloe

Definatley not Aloe Vera that stuff is crap. I had a bad burn in Thailand and Milk worked the best.

Lydia L
After Sun, Cold Bath And My Mum Puts Wet Pieces Of Tissue On Hers :)

Fernado S
The BEST way to treat sunburn is to use a naturally derived soothing gel.
believe me, from personal experience, nothing beats the cool feeling of the aloe vera gel being gently rubbed into the nasty sunburn.

Calamine lotion


Aloe and Coco butter lotion (some are even infused with aloe)

Cool showers too!

I had a minor sunburn on both my shoulders. But don't know about major ones. Aloe will work if you have it.

Jacob H

well immediately, you should cool it with the coldest water you can bear... just soak a towel in really cold water and lay it on until the water gets too warm and repeat...

you can but after-sun lotion, and it really works... it both cools you down and also helps reduce peeling, which isn't exactly the best aspect of summer sunshine.

as long as you reapply it when ever you can, it should be pretty effective... but if you're burnt, you're burnt- and its still not going to be pleasant

good luck!

♫♪ abbie Kate ♫♪
natural yoghurt works great.

An oatmeal bath and aloe gel. I am fair red head so I know you pain I am so sorry. Just pour some oatmeal in the bath the raw kind.

go and get aloe vera. but don't use it right away; stick it in the fridge. when it is cool, take it and put some on your sunburn. it takes the pain away temporarily, just keep putting it on when you feel your pain again.

JustMy Opinion
Lots an lots of Aloe

Aloe vera works great, but I really like Noxzema. It seems to soak into the skin better.

I had the same problem in the begining of the smmer, I went to the beach with my family put sunscreen on the kids, but forgot about my self! So i had a awful sunburn by the end of the day. I used this spray called SOLARCAINE which has aloe in it. You can find it at any drug store for like $7. It really work!
Good Luck!
Hope you feel better!


Best in my opinion. NATURAL apple cider vinegar. Go to a local Whole foods or health foods store and make sure it has what they call the "mother" in it, meaning the natural fiber and all.
I`ve used this several times and I`ve always had success. Tames the burn right away.

Lisa M

Wipe Me
Aloe vera

Wow Level 3 Now Thank You

algae vitamin E

Milk..Put some cold milk on a rag and apply it to the effected area. Also take some ibuprohen.

vineagar and baking soda

Austin Hemp
aloe burn relief gel cover the burnt area with many, many, MANY layers

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