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 I feel like drinking up to three glasses of wine EVERY night - does that make me an alcoholic?
I want to know if it is bad to drink this much every night. I cant sleep without a glass (up to three glaases) of red wine (or something). I am not overweight, quite slender, eat a very healthy diet, ...

 What should i do for a burn?
I just burnt the back of 2 of my fingers and ir hurts really bad. Is there anything that will be like instant relief or help it heal faster?...

 I think i was bitten by a spider and now...?
about 3 weeks ago i think i got bitten by a spider. at first it was just red, about a week ago where i was bitten there was a little black dot. so today i squeezed it and pus came out and then blood. ...

 HELP!! PLEASE!!!! i put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and it wont come out?
i searched online that it was okay to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears
so i put a bit in my ear
AND IT WONT COME OUT! HELP please! what do i do!! is this dangerous??? How do i get ...

 Help! I've taken 4 laxatives insetad of the recommended 1!!?
They were the ex-lax chocolate ones, I was stupid enough to take 4 times more than recommended, and my constipation wasn't even THAT bad (3 days).

Will it hurt a lot now? I'm ...

 How can I get a cut to heal faster?
I know not to mess with it. It is kinda long ...

 Does anyone know anything about ingrown toenails please?
I have ingrown nails on both big toes and is very painful..I am only able to wear sandals,not practical at this time of year ! I have tried the 'wisp' method but so far,no help......

 IN PAIN! bad sunburn!?
i went tanning yesterday and there was a new girl working, i usually go into a gold bed for 20 mins but she put me into platinum for 20 by accident, now im in PAIN!!!!!...i tried aloe and everything ...

 Does a stitched wound heal faster covered by a bandage or when exposed to air?

 what time do you usually go to sleep?
what time do you usually go to sleep?...

 do you like to sleep with a fan on, for the noise, & even in the winter? i do.?
imy family has always slept with a fan on to block out other noises. it is almost impossible to sleep without one. ...

 Can Mosquito bites be dangerous?
I have 63 mosquito bites all over my body.
Long story short, I was outside all night and they got all over me.
How do I stop the itching and heal them?
How long does it take for them ...

 The voices in my head tell me to go to Taco Bell and get a bean buritto, but I don't like those.?
Should I listen to the voices in my head or try to punch them out. I smack my head sometimes in hopes the voices stop but they never do....

 My son ate a spider web and Im worried because i don't know whats going to happen?

 What is the best thing to put on a sunburn?
I went to the beach yesterday with a couple friends, wore sunscreen, but got the worst sunburn. The burn on my back and arms isn't too bad, but it's really red on my face and hurts to touch....

 What is the best way to clean out the inside of your ear?
My doctor said she could see wax buildup, but did nothing about it. I always clean the outside of the ear, but I am afraid to touch the inside....

 I cut myself on my palm and it won't stop bleeding! What should I do?
I cut the top of my palm with a bread knife and it won't stop bleeding! I am freaking out!...

 My brother committed suicide a few months ago and i'm having a hard time with it right now, and i can't sleep
Any suggestions on how to deal with this?...

 drunk and now sick whats wrong?
i got really drunk,not on an empty stomach..tho that night i felt like i was going to be sick but i never was and the next day i still feel like im going to be sick at times,unless im eating..whats ...

 I Cannot Believe This Just Happened!!!?
sooooo, i just finished a college paper in the library and i go to sit down and a FREAKIN' splinter goes right into my FREAKIN' finger!!!!

i got the big piece out now i have like ...

What's the best way to gain muscles in your arms in like a month?

Hit steroids and visit the gym everyday. What is the reason for having only 1 month.

rotating your arms forward then backwards every morning and night for 10-15 min, and also do it ,if you can, when you have a little time throughout the day. push-ups and jumping jacks are good too or you can try those stretching bands at walmart in the exersise section

go to the gym do some push-up

eat shitloads of food, then work out at the gym for at least a couple hours a day to convert it into muscle..... but you may want to consult a fitness instructor to ensure your doing the correct exercises to do exactly that.

Inflatable shirts.

Wounded Duck
Steroids and HGH


push ups

Do workout exercises for atleast 3 minutes, with a challenging weight that you can manipulate but isn't too light, so if you are capable of lifting 40 lbs dumbells just get thirties or thirty fives, the heigher the wieght the faster the growth, then just keep lifting for atleast three minutes because it isn't the number of reps or sets that you do, it's the amount of burn and the level of work you feel done in your muscles, CONSISTANCY COUNTS, no stopping or cheating, taking breathes or any of that. SO For the best workout, 1 set of anything should be done atleast 3 reps past your failing point. if you can do a 4th, it wasn't your failing point. and you should do exercises in this manner, until you cannot lift the weight at all anymore, lift as in budge it. Give yourself three days to rest atleast per body part that you destroy in workout. Make sure you get all muscles because having a weak back will affect your ability to bench press when it comes to progression, so working ALL of your muscles just allows you to continue progressing and to not have a misproportional strength level throughout your body, and your body wont fail-safe your strength level to prevent injury. Oh yes, and all rules of getting a bigger anything when it comes to muscles is, you have to eat. Eat past your natural liking to eat. If you're ever hungry when your body is repairing itself from a workout, you can bet that growth is going to go down first, and all that hardwork goes out the window, because your body is focusing on maintaining what's there first, and then building up more second. So eat. I'd suggest maybe something like subway, where you can get a lot and it's not demolishing to your health. If you workout in this manner, and eat food constantly for that month until you hate it, eventually the growth will come in spades. I find that having a full stomach increases your growth potential and strength, when you're working out. It's not going to be easy, but then it wouldn't be so great of an accomplishment if it was. :) good luck

In one month... you need steroids.

Naturally, it takes a half year for a noticeable difference.

improving muscle in upper arms takes forever
though 3 x weekly at the gym doing weights will see some improvement

by using weights/heavy and short repetitions will see some improvement im sure

Get a mens health magazine they always have tips my husbend gets it.

Always Right
work out

Come help me move.

heavy weight lifting... also diet counts bulk up on protiens... more weight lifters like to eat chicken and green beans... only to help get them fit

hit the gym

buy some 20 - 30 lb dumbells and 2 - 3 times per week try hammer curls, concentration curls, and forearm curls...you'll have to look these up because i won't go into correct form...also...your triceps make up 3/4 of your total upper arm mass...so target them with diamond pushups, tricep extentions, etc. look up ways to work your triceps and although NONE of this will give you BIG results in only a month or two...youll develop a habit that will in the long run...diet is important too...youll have to consume nearly 2 grams of protein for each lb of body weight to gain...but you shouldnt neglect the rest of your body...often...people gain a lot of size on their arms by targeting chest and back...bench press and pull ups...which both employ the arm muscles...good luck

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