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Lorelei ♥
What's the best and quickest way to stop a nosebleed?

lie on your back or tilt your head back

Stop doing coke...

tilt your head back and put a tampon in your nose, wrestlers do it all the time,

Noodle J
"She's the Man" says to use a tampon.

Chrissy C
Get a hott wash cloth wring it out so its not wet then lay down tilt your head up and put the wash cloth on your nose.:)

Valerie Loren <3
keep ur head back like you looking up and hold your nose when its really bad

Amanda C
Okay! I hate when this happens! Just tilt you head back so you are looking up and your face is flat. Then take your middle and pointer finger and pinch right about half way down your nose, like the bridge of your nose. If all else fails, get a tampon, it really works! :p

use a white hot poker to cauterize your nose.

cover your nose and breath with your mouth

hmm, whenever i get a nosebleed i immediately blow my nose into a tissue. to get most of the blood out. then for the excess, i usually just stick a little extra tissue up there for like 5 minutes.


Ben D
squeeze our noe and lean your head back

Megan mazoo
DO NOTTTTTT TIP YOUR HEAD BACK. everyone thinks tilting your head back is the best thing, it is not! because when u tilt your head back then it goes down your throat and you can choke and die. so tilt your head forward and squeeze your nose.

ulises d
ice cubes in your forehead

John M
in traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture there's a point on the back of the neck that you press to help stop nosebleeds its call Bl-10
here's a pic http://www.medicalacupuncture.org/assets/images/0303_ZHAO_art.fig2.jpg

ive always used the smelling rubbing alcohol method. it seems to work quickly for me

Bob B
stuff tissue up your nostril

Nasal spray shrinks blood vessels. But if it is severe and out of both nostrils then seek medical attention.

Hold it tight with a piece of toilet paper and tilt you head way back. for about 4 min.

Okee, this may sound weird, but wad up a Kleenex and stick it in the bleeding nostril(s). Wait a while, like, 5- 10 minutes, and take out the Kleenex. CLean off any excess blood and viola!

Gina R
Sit down, pinch the nose just at the bottom of the nasal bone, not holding the nostrils closed just pinch in that area, (hard to describe easy to do). Tilt the head FORWARD and wait till it stops.

If the nose bleeds are happening regularly for no apparent reason, trauma from a bump etc, mention it the next time you see your doctor.


keepin it rrrrrrreal
Pinch the bridge of your nose and tilt your heard FORWARDS not backwards!

pinch your nose and lean your head forward. open your nostrils occasionally to let the blood out until it stops flowing

Casey S
Tilt the head forward then poor cold water on the back of the head, I dont know how it works but it does.

hold your nose and stare at the floor

Stick paper towels in your nose. The real absorbent stuff. DO NOT tilt your head back. People may say that but it is unhealthy.

run your wrist under cold water

and pinch the bony bit just top of your nose

trust me I have had them and all the other advise is from people who never suffered from them

Hey, It's Just Me
The quickest way to stop a nosebleed is to sit on a chair or on the edge of your bed and firmly pinch your nose closed. Hold it closed for five to ten minutes. By stopping the flow of blood, you will give it time to clot, which usually happens in a few minutes. Don’t pack your nose with gauze or cotton, because it could pull off the clot when you remove it. And wait a while of course, to blow your nose, which could start the bleeding again.

Incidentally, it’s important to lean forward on tilt your head to the side when trying to stop your nosebleed. Tilting your head backward will cause blood to drip down the back of your throat, which could make you nauseated.

Pinch nose. Tip head foreword. You don't want to lean back because then you will be swallowing blood. This can upset your stomach causing vomiting which will make your nose bleed more. Also it can cause you to choke.
The other thing you can do which helps is to place an ice pack or cold wet cloth on back of neck. This works very quickly to stop the flow of blood.

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