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Water in Ear, since Sunday?
I took a shower last sunday and I noticed that I got water in my ears. Now usually it would go away after an hour or two but its still in my right ear. Now its Thursday and Im worried that I might get infected.

Help please! I can hear bubbles!
Additional Details
Good lord, 10 emails in 5 mins!

Well, my mom thought the alcohol would burn my ears. (I guess because of the feeling it has when you pour it on cuts) So she put some ear wax cleaning formula in it. My head is tilted as we speak.

Explosive Fart
Stick something in there

it's definitely possible and probable that you have an ear infection.
i'd go to the doctor so they can give you drops for it and amoxicillin so nothing gets worse.
my sister is sitting next to me getting drops put in her ears right now!

Jill :)
Haha, that last sentence kinda made me laugh, (I can hear bubbles)

Ahahah! :)

Anywayssss, cue tips maybe?
Stick it in there or tip your head to the side and tap your head.
You know what I mean..

Aw dont worry. put some cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol in ur ears and it should help dry is out.

go c a doctor
and use a qtip
answer mine please i answered urs: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Asl9BvBFiw6MSicxwC_EcmQjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090610154547AAmlKlk

Yes, a dab of rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

lilmenace :D
the same thing happened to me when i went into the pool the only thing u can do is to go to the doctor i did nd they use a lil pump nd put it in your ear and the pull a;ll the watter out and it dont hurt at all its juss a lil nosie but besides that it doesnt bother you :D hope this helps

have you tried cleaning you ears and it should go away and if not go to the ENT and have them take a look take some rubbing alchol on the end of a cue tip and clen out your ear it should dry it up if not that could cause swimmers ear

I would say you have swimmers ear, they have medications all over the place for swimmers ear, mostly at drug stores, good luck, hope the water comes out of your ear

Fudgiie A
you do have an infection. my dad just had one the other day. go to your doctors and get some meds.

Steph [‚ô•]
Pull down on your earlobe, tilt your head to the side and a little forward; the water should run out.

If that doesn't work, I know it sounds weird, but slide down a banister. The angle that your sliding plus the speed always gets the water out of my ears.

Good luck, water in the ears is always a pain.

The fix is cheap and easy.

Rubbing alcohol drizzled into the ear canal with your head tilted so it can run deep causes the trapped water to evaporate once it reaches it--and kills bacteria, too.

Have a Kleenex handy for when you get upright again, but plan to stay tilted for at leave five minutes. Lying on your side is ideal.

Don't do this if you've ever had your eardrum broken or pierced, including tubes in early childhood.

what i usually do is hit my ear(with water) on some more water.

it may sound weird but it really works for me all the time

seriously, this works for me every time, tilt your head to drain the wet side, and jump on the opposite foot, sounds rediculous but i am totally serious

Aiaka S
Go to a docter and get a perscription. i get it all the time because I'm a diver and we just keep the medicine in the house.

Soph G
ARGH i hate that i get lotsa trouble with my ears too.
It will stay there forever unless you get some otex from your doctors. It is really good!
You have some hard wax by the sounds of it an water is trapped behind it i always get that problem.
Once it is unblocked with Otex make sure you clean them regularly with buds =], mine are ok now recently.

Good luck x

Do NOT 'stick something in there'.
Tilt your head so that your right ear is facing the ground and jump vigorously up and down until you can feel it slide out.

well when i go surfing i always get water in my ears and it usually comes out after about a half an hour but some times it stays in and you need to get a Q tip buy some ear infection gel and put it on the Q tip put it in your ear and after a wile if you hear popping than it worked so pretty much you put acid in your ear to get rid of the water it workes for me every time

Nichole F
ok dude i had the same problem and if i hadn't gone to the doctor i would've lost hearing, symtoms of serious infection.
-hearing is lessened in that ear
-severe pain in ear.
-and an unccomfortable feeling

Whether you have water in your ear and/or have an infection, put about a cap-full of peroxide in your year for a few seconds then tip your head to drain it. You'll year bubbles for a little after as it finished draining, but that's what works for me.

lol... wow... Get a Q-tip and rub in your ear... But be gentle...

its an ear infection i get them all the time when i swim or i shower or bathe, i went to the doctor and the percripisons never helped me my mom went out and bought this stuff called swimmers ear it could be found at a walmart its only like 2-3 dollars my guessing, but it cleared up my ear pain really quick.

sounds like you have water in your ear my man. sleep with the ear facing the bed and maybe overnight it will drain out.

Heres what you do, hold your nose, stick one finger in the air and push air through for a few seconds. Then pull your finger out quickly. That should do it.

Get a baby bud.
Go to the doctor.

what i do is take a shower to get my ear moist and lubricated and then i stick my finger in my ear and pull it out with a curve so its like a suction. after a few try's it might come out. good luck

yeah ive had the same problem. just get a bobby pin or paper clip and bend. then stick it in you ear and try to clear it out. but if its really bad go to the doctor and they'll take care of it. its really easy.

This works for me every time...I separate the 2 layers of a tissue using only one layer. Twist one corner tightly for about 2 inches. Gently place it into your ear. ( the end should be soft and flexible so it doesn't hurt your ear) Then twist it around gently. This should wick out the drop of water you are feeling.Do not poke a q-tip into your ear canal, you can tear your ear drum.

Pour a little Hydrogen Peroxide in there. It feels cool and helps clear up swimmer's ear.

Lay on your side with the bad ear up. Pour in a capful of rubbing alcohol and let it sit for just a few minutes. Then turn over and drain on a towel and swab out with Qtip. The alcohol will evaporate the water that is trapped in there.

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